No win health care

22 Feb

All of this medical stuff has really given me a new view. For those of you who don’t know what’s been going on, here’s a quick overview: a little over a year ago I had 2 holes open up on my inner thigh. No big deal, just some holes. But then I started having issues. Thankfully, I have an amazing doctor who has worked ceaselessly to find an answer for me. In December I was also diagnosed with a pilonidal cyst and had to have it removed, and really since November I have been going to different specialists, having different lab tests run, and taking different medications, to no real avail. However, that is not what this blog is about.

Its amazing to me the cost associated with health care necessities. Praise God that I have nothing like cancer where the costs just flow like water, and there is really no choice in taking the medication. But I do understand choices. I do sometimes have to ask myself  “can I afford that?” or “if I have to pay that bill, what am I going to do?” Please don’t think that I’m saying health care should be free, I know that’s not possible. And I’m no where near saying that doctors don’t earn every penny they charge, because I believe they do. Its just a no-win situation. I praise God every day that I have health insurance, and that hospitals and doctors offices are willing to do payment plans. Its so hard to know that before they will even touch you, you owe them thousands of dollars, and then they might not even fix you!

I pray for those who don’t have the choice of health over finances. I pray that anyone in my same position would turn to the Lord with their troubles, and count on Him to carry them through whatever hard times arise. I pray for health and happiness, and a world without random open holes!


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