Radical Changes

2 Mar

I read something yesterday that really has had an impact in my life. Its from a New York Times article entitled “Learning from the Sin of Sodom” by Nicholas Kristof, and is basically talking about how Christian organizations such as World Vision are now the groups leading international aid efforts, and what it means to be a Christian in a global environment.Then the quote that has sat like a stone in my heart came up:

A growing number of conservative Christians are explicitly and self-critically acknowledging that to be “pro-life” must mean more than opposing abortion.

Wow. How convicting. I have never really put much stock in either the pro-choice or pro-life camps. It breaks my heart to think of innocent babies killed when they could go into loving homes, but that is as far as I will debate it with anyone. But this quote brings a whole new undertone. How can you stand and protest a mother having an abortion, when every day thousands of children die because of lack of clean water, immunizations, disease, and malnutrition. To care for one is to care for the other. Pro-life means that you are, well, for living! I think its time that everyone take a step back and realize that the two hands of this issue go together.

I don’t know where this quote will lead me. I do know that I have been praying about it ceaselessly because of how it has touched me. Please pray that I can somehow make a change, and that somehow God can use me.


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