Another test, another “we can’t help you”

9 Mar

For those getting ready to read this, though it may sound like I’m complaining, this is actually going to be my new approach to my health care: talk about it until I find an answer.

After a year and a half, I still have no answers as to what is causing these open holes in my skin, these infections, and this general feeling of nastiness. I have been to my family practice physician, endocrinologist, dermatologist, gynecologist, gynecologist that specializes in dermatology and infections, a doctor that specializes in infectious disease, a gastrointerologist, and a couple others that I can’t remember their specialty. I have had tubes upon tubes upon tubes of blood drawn. I’ve done 24 hour urine tests. I’ve done cortisol tests. I’ve done skin scrapings, swabbings, and biopsies. Most recently I’ve had the joy of a colonosocopy. My surgery isn’t healing, my holes aren’t healing, nothing is healing, and something has to give.

I realize that I am blessed. They know its not cancer. I’m able to work and live. But I live with pain. I live with the feeling of my body screaming out for help, and no one being able to. I am starting to lose myself in all this; its hard to remember what it was like before it didn’t hurt.

Please pray. Nothing can be done that isn’t in God’s time, and without His grace I can never be whole and healed. Please pray for strength for me, and for Jason. Please pray for the doctors, and the nurses. Please pray for something good to come out of this, and for everything to be for a specific purpose in God’s plan.


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