I’m always inspired by a trip to Village Foods

29 Mar

I’m so excited to say that the next 2 weeks Jason and I will only be eating out one night (having dinner with another engaged couple), and the rest of the time we will be eating fresh, homemade foods. My fridge is stocked with fresh vegetables, fresh meats, and fresh dairy.

I’m not sure why this makes me so excited. Maybe its the fact that we will only have homemade foods. Or the fact that I know we will feel better, our skin will be better, and we’ll just be all around healthier because our bodies are getting the nutrients God intended, and we’re not having to spend energy processing byproducts, preservatives, and fillers.

Obviously, yes, I am one of “those” people. Its only going to get worse as I have children, too. I believe that foods play a huge role in what is wrong with us. I believe the hormones in beef cause problems for females trying to conceive, and that they mess up other hormones in the body. I believe that pesticides sprayed on foods give cancer. Please don’t send me emails trying to convince me otherwise…it won’t work.

I love organic foods. I think that the higher price that I have to pay for pesticide free vegetables, and grass fed, non-hormone injected meats, and free range chicken are a small price next to what the cost of fighting cancer is. That’s just me.


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