And here it is

5 Apr

its finally hit me…I’M GETTING MARRIED!!!!!!!!!!

I don’t think I’ve fully appreciated this time in my life. I feel as though I have taken it for granted the amazing transitions that have been happening in my life, and now that I am just starting to realize that, everything is almost over!

Plans are in full swing, and I have finally succumbed to the madness that everyone talks about, even though I always said “not me!” My dreams at night are full of flowers, cakes, and all the things that never really could go wrong, but somehow have made it into my subconscious. My mornings (after my Bible reading, of course!) are filled with making lists of what needs to be done, my lunch breaks are spent making phone calls to different vendors, and my evenings are spent telling Jason my ideas, looking though countless bridal magazines for ideas, and finding more things that need to be done!!!

Through all this madness, I am continually blessed with amazing people all around me. My bridesmaids infectious excitement has kept me going. My maid of honor (also soon to be sister-in-law) has been amazing, and her excitement to have me in her family makes my soul smile. Jason’s family has been an amazing support. My parents, even from hundreds of miles have been right besides me. I am crushed by the amount of support we have, and by the number of people cheering us on.

On the to-do this week:

  • Dress alterations done for my bridal portraits
  • Schedule hair/makeup for bridal portraits
  • Determine location for bridal portraits (any suggestions welcome…this has me stumped!)
  • Schedule hotel for night before
  • Look at locations for bridal lunch day of wedding
  • Flower appointment Saturday to finally book a florist (my biggest worry at the moment!!)

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