Are we listening?

21 Apr

We do a lot of talking. All day long I talk to people about internships, Co-Ops, registering for classes. I talk on the phone, I talk in person, I talk via email. At night, Jason and I talk about the wedding, we talk about dinner, we talk about Snickers, we talk about everything we have to do, we talk about our future.

But are we listening enough?

I want to say “Yes, Lord! I am listening to you, and am captive by every word you speak into my heart!”. But, sadly, I think our answer may be more of a “Lord, sometimes I listen, I’m just so darn busy right now. You see how busy I am!”. This fact makes me sad and broken.

I am going to continue praying for God’s guidance. Jason and I feel called to certain roles. But in our small human minds, the things we are called for conflict. I pray that we will have ears to hear and eyes to see what our Lord is calling us toward in our lives. We need to become more uncomfortable with our lives.


One Response to “Are we listening?”

  1. grantdavid April 21, 2010 at 10:40 am #

    Good Luck and God bless,

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