Who Am I To Complain?

6 May

Up Calvary’s mountain one dreadful morn

Walked Christ my Savior, weary and worn

Facing for sinners death on the cross

That He might save them from endless loss.

Blessed Redeemer, precious Redeemer

Seems now I see on Calvary’s tree

Wounded and bleeding, for sinners pleading

Blind and unheeding, dying for me.

-Casting Crowns-

This song breaks me, and brings tears to my eyes every time. Times like today when I think of how rough things are on me, dealing with a sinus infection that seems to want to slip into ear infections and chest infection, trying to finish planning the wedding, dealing with moving stuff, saving up money, and other health problems, I remember the Cross, and how Christ suffered for my sins, suffered in a way that none of us could ever imagine and took the nails that I so greatly deserve. God loves us so much! How bad is my headache after all?


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