Life as a newlywed is

10 Jun

trying to find a place to put your gifts when you live in a one bedroom apartment.

doing 12 loads of laundry from your honeymoon as a “welcome back” gift.

saying “I’m sorry” for something, then realizing that its something you won’t even think twice about in 2 years.

not caring that your sheets, pillows, and comforter don’t match, because you’re so happy to be next to each other.

still trying to argue over who gets to pay for what when you go out somewhere.

trying to live up to what you think a wife should do, then realizing that he loved you the way you were before anyway.

being able to praise God that He showered His grace on you by having you marry someone you adore so much.

fun because you get to spend the rest of your life with your best friend.


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