Materialism or Not?

15 Jun

This picture is of my car. His name is Foci, and he has been my companion for 6 years. I got Foci after my Chevy Caviler (that I got when I was 16) died while I was at Sonic one day. I remember searching all over Missouri and Kansas to find a Ford Focus (my brother worked for Ford, so it had to be one). I remember my excitement when he arrived at the dealership, and when I got to take my first drive. When I packed up and left home for Texas, he was there with me for the 10 hour drive. When I had an emotional breakdown my Sophomore year, it was in that car. When I got Gizmo, we would spend hours driving around BCS in that car. I started a relationship in that car, and when I got the text (yeah…) to end that relationship it was in that car. In that car I learned that my mom had cancer, lost a puppy, cried and laughed.

We’re selling my car.

Its hard to say goodbye. We’ll hopefully be selling him to someone we know. That’ll make it easier. She needs a car, and we’re trying to downsize and save money. Its not that I’m holding on to it, or coveting it, I just know that I will miss Foci. Is this wrong? Am I being materialistic or just nostalgic? Am I dishonoring the Lord by having a little sad place in my heart to let go of a friend that’s been with me?

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