Modesty Monster

22 Jun

Our church focuses a lot on modesty, as it should. The Lord has called all of us ladies to follow the practices of modesty; in what we say, in what we do, and (in my opinion most importantly) what we wear. There are SO MANY bible verses that call us to modest ( 1 Timothy 2: 9: In like manner women also in decent apparel: adorning themselves with modesty and sobriety, not with plaited hair or gold, or pearls or costly attire- being one of my favorites). Being modest not only shouts our praises to the Lord, it protects us, as well as the ever important task of protecting our brother’s hearts. How hard it must be for a male these days to not sin just by walking outside, or turning on the tv! Why make it harder for them?

I was struck by all this while shopping for bras yesterday. Its not just the pretty colors that you can pick (this doesn’t really bother me, since I do like the pretty colors), but more the…”accessories” that come in them.

What is up with the inability to find a plain bra? I found ones with padding, ones with gel, push-ups, ones with these strange little air pocket thingys, and ones with memory foam (yeah, not kidding). WHY????? Are we so inundated with messages that no matter how big, you need to be bigger? Why does it matter? The Lord did not create our bodies so that we could put them on display, but instead so that they could nourish our children. We are not made so that we can offer our bodies up like candy to a population of unsaved men (and some women), to be judged and either approved/condemned based on our appearances.

Also a favorite:

A beautiful woman lacking discretion and modesty is like a fine gold ring in a pig’s snout

Proverbs 11:22


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