Honeymoon Recap-Part I

8 Jul

Our honeymoon started our very early on the Sunday after the wedding. It was amazing how much stuff we had with us, and how the few hours at the hotel we had spread it everywhere. We did a few last minute checks that we had no illegal items (lipgloss, toothpaste….you know, the deadly stuff), and were off!

We flew to Miami and spent several hours because one of our flight attendants didn’t show up. We had only 30 minutes to catch our connection in San Juan, and if we missed it we had to wait until the morning to get to Tortola. We finally got on our flight when the reserve flight attendant came on duty, and Jason and I prayed and prayed during the flight that we’d make it in time. Before we even got off the plane I had my flip-flops off, and we mad-dashed it across the airport. After we skidded to a stop in front of our ticket counter, we were so thankful to find that the last flight to the island had been delayed, and we had a while to wait. Praise the Lord, He is so good!

The flight to Tortola was…interesting. I’m not an experienced flyer, by any means, and flying in a small propeller plane, over open ocean, at night, is not my idea of fun. We met the Peter Island Taxi after getting through immigration, and began another “experience”. The British Virgin Islands are an interesting mix between US and England. The major being they drive American cars (steering wheel on the left), but drive on the opposite side of the road (also on the left). They also don’t like using headlights, and prefer to drive the winding, mountainous roads by….I guess spidey senses. I’m still not sure, and I actually prefer not to think about it.

We arrived very late to Peter Island (around 11pm, but we had left here at 7am!), and heard the best phrase anyone could ever say from the concierge…”We have delivered dinner to you room”.

The picture above is not of our room, but ours was the identical mirror of that. So beautiful. The Peter Island Resort is seriously Heaven on Earth. We got to spend our days playing in the sun, relaxing on the sand, and swimming in the amazingly beautiful water. We spent several hours out in Deadman’s Harbour on a Hobi sailboat. We ate amazing food, and got to feed the sweet little island kitties that were always begging, but would turn their noses up at bread. During the warmer afternoons I took long naps while Jason read and watched movies. It was so great to get to spend that quiet time together, just us, winding down after the crazy wedding.

I thought that nothing could get better…until I set foot on The Dutchess.

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