Honeymoon-Part II

12 Jul

Wednesday (after a rather difficult morning of packing and dealing with breakfast being on “island-time”), Jason’s parents picked us up at the Peter Island Resort. All week I had been asking Jason about every boat we’d see in the harbour “does that one look like ours?”;being from Missouri, I had no idea what a catamaran really looked like. When we got to the dock, I was amazed at the size! It was huge! My mental image of being in a space the size of a closet was banished!

This is identical to the boat we were on, The Duchess

This is what our kitchen/galley area looked like. Behind is a table for sitting. We were so lucky that it never rained, so we didn’t use this for much but storage and making dinner some nights on the boat.

I could go on and on about the boat. Sailing is so amazing. I thought that being on the boat would be hard, and I would be begging to go on shore at every opportunity, but that was so far from the truth. I was always so sad to leave, and I’m not going to lie and say that the dinghy and I were good friends. I’ve never felt so ungraceful as I did getting in and out of that thing.

After a little round of motion sickness and becoming familiar with using the head (meaning pump your own potty!), we were off to a little marina called Soper’s Hole. It is a perfect picture of what I imagined a Caribbean Island to look like. There were lots of little shops painted an array of bright colors, all selling goods made on the island. We had lunch at Pusser’s and walked around for a while.We also went into the dive shop, where I got my snorkel gear and a pair of water socks. (Fun side fact, everyone the whole trip teased me about my fins, because the only ones that would fit on my feet were little kid ones…curse my small feet!)

Is that not too cute?

After a while at Soper’s, we headed back out to the boat, and took off for what would be tied for my favorite island…Great Harbour on Jost van Dyke. Jost is really amazing because it is so pure. When you are sitting on your boat deck, you can look up the amazing hills and see only one long, thin, winding, probably pee-your-pants inducing road. Then you can start to hear the adorable goats that inhabit the island baaaaahing at each other. I seriously believe there may be more goats than people on the island…and that’s my kind of place.

Jost was really neat because of the traveling salesmen. You would be hanging out on the deck, or down below getting ready for dinner, and someone in a dinghy would come cruising up to sell something (including Nippy the traveling salesman. You can google him. No, I’m not kidding…try it). That night was dinner at an awesome place I had heard so much about, Sydney’s Peace and Love. They had amazing lobster, and drinks from the bar are poured on the honor system. Tradition at Sydney’s is that you sign a t-shirt and hang it up. It was fun walking around and seeing the t-shirts from the other trips Jason’s family had taken, and I was very excited to sign the TCU shirt that would be hanging there the next time we go!

We spent that night in Great Harbour, and I fell in love with sleeping on the boat. The gentle rocking motion, the sound of the water lapping against the side, the breeze blowing against you…utter perfection. Waking up to the sound of the goats calling each other across the rocks of the island…perfection again.When I “go to my happy place”, I am laying in our bed in the harbour of Jost van Dyke, listening to goat calls and wondering what a new day will hold.

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