Honeymoon Recap-Part III

15 Jul

Thursday morning we got up and slowly got around. Life on the boat is so nice because you don’t have to worry about a schedule, a clock, anything but the sun, wind, and being able to catch a ball (you do this instead of anchoring) at popular locations.

We went a little ways over to an area of islands which contains Green Cay and Sandy Spit (there is also a Sandy Cay…I get them so confused!). Sandy Spit is where the  famous rumored Kenny Chesney tree is located (for those who don’t know…like I didn’t until I met Jason’s family, the BVI is frequent hangout spot for Kenny Chesney and Jimmy Buffet). The Cay was a lot of fun because Jason’s parents went snorkeling, while Jason and I took the dinghy in and hiked the little trail that went to the top of the hill. It would have been amazing, except there were quite a few mosquitoes attacking, and there were a few too many lizards. I loved getting to the top and seeing the incredible view, and the gorgeous shiny black rocks that were at the bottom. Next time we’re on that island I plan to have bug spray and be able to take our time exploring.

Aerial picture, because the cool stuff is under the water!

That afternoon we sailed over to Cane Garden Bay, made famous in the song “Manana” by Jimmy Buffett. Cane Garden was really fun because we were able to watch a dog on the island. He was so funny, he had stolen a piece of pizza and buried it. He came back a little later and found his prize, and got so excited and frolicked so much that he dropped it and it got covered in sand. It was so fun to see that no matter where they are, or what conditions they live in, a dog is still a dog. The next morning everyone got up and went on a tour of the Callawood Distillery except Jason and I.

Our first full day on the boat was amazing, and I was so thankful that since the first day I had no motion sickness! The next day on the boat was probably my favorite…more on it later!

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