Honeymoon Recap-Part IV

21 Jul

Friday we headed out to a really neat place called Monkey Point. Its well known in the BVI for being some of the best snorkeling around. I had never snorkeled before, so it took me a little convincing. I hate putting my face underwater (read: I refuse to put my face underwater), and get really bad panic attacks when I feel closed in, so snorkeling took me a bit (b-t-dubbs: when you have a slight panic attack through the mouthpiece of snorkeling gear it makes a really funny sound).

We were able to see schools of thousands (I’m not making that number up!) of little silver fish, some beautiful blue teng (Dory fish…as I kept yelling when I saw them), and so many other amazing sea fishes. Jason’s dad found this cool spiney lobestery thingy in a cave near the shore. I loved swimming and moving your hand and watching the schools dart to avoid you; it was seriously one of the most amazing experiences.

Monkey Point is tied to be my favorite place in the BVI. I love snorkeling!!!!!!!

After convincing me to get out of the water…yes, I had to be convinced…we sailed over to a really cool (and busy) place called Trellis Bay. Trellis was fun because there was a really neat pirate-looking ship moored right in front of us, so we spent a lot of time trying to figure our where it was from (Dover, DL and a very Eastern European looking flag…let us know if this sounds familiar). Kelli and Bill also went on shore and managed to find Dr. Pepper, so that was also amusing to us.

Trellis is also neat because it is surrounded by a giant reef, so dinghy’s have to be really careful going in to shore. And, its just honestly super neat to see THAT many ships moored in one place. We saw so many different ones, its amazing to look at how personalized they are. We even saw a lady catch a ball BY HERSELF on a monohull. Very very impressive, even for someone like me who doesn’t know much about sailing!

We spent the night in Trellis Bay, and slowly got up and around the next morning for our last day on The Duchess.


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