Honeymoon Recap-Part V

26 Jul

We woke up Saturday with a little bit of sadness, since it was our last day on the boat. After getting around a little, we powered over to a little marina to get ice and water called Marina Cay. You could see Marina Cay from where we were moored in Trellis, so it was a very small go.

I really like pictures of the islands from the air…there is so much beauty hidden under the water that you can’t see in our pictures!

After Marina Cay, we sailed over to a really neat island called Salt Island. The island is cratered with salt ponds that they fill with sea water, then let evaporate. As of now it seems that the island continues this practice as a tourist draw, but at one time it was a major part of the Islander’s economy. The salt pond itself was actually kind of nasty looking, I guess years of stagnant water will do that. The cool thing was walking around the massive pond and seeing all of the things that had been washed in with the water and then left ashore as it evaporated. There were tons and tons of seashells (which I collected a big portion of them), a LOT of broken glass (besides some being sea glass, I have the feeling it might be a party place), there was an old abandoned hut, and a rickety old boat that was definitely not seaworthy. I believe that Jason’s mom refereed to it as a “tetanus minefield”. The sand on salt island was incredible….it was so soft and silky. I loved sinking my feet into it!

This island was really really neat. And we found a ton of seaglass on the soft sand beach!

Very, very nearby is Salt Island is The Wreck of the Rhone, a Royal Mail Steam Packet Ship that sank off the coast of Salt Island in October of 1867 during a hurricane. The only regret I have about the whole sailing trip is not being SCUBA certified so we could go dive at the Wreck. It is one of the most intact dive sites in the entire world, including a teaspoon that is still visible stuck in the coral! I told Jason that the next time we go we HAVE to have our cert, because there is no way I can leave without seeing it!

Here are some pictures from online from The Wreck…seriously…how cool is this?!

Piece of tile floor, still intact…wikipedia

Another from wiki…look at how intact it is after so many years!

After walking around the island for a while, we headed back to have lunch on the boat, and then moved on to our last island, Cooper Island. We went ashore that night and had an AH-MAZ-ING dinner…Jason had a really good chicken alfredo, and I had mussels steamed in coconut milk curry. I seriously crave this so often its not even funny, but its just not as good without fresh coconut milk!

We went to a little store on Cooper where I got a really pretty black coral bracelet…Jason was so sweet to encourage me to buy things like that. I stress about spending money, so I will see things I like but not pick them up. He is such a blessing to me!

We went back to the boat that night and sat on the tramp looking at the stars. In College Station I feel like we barely see stars, so I used to think going to Missouri was amazing. The midwest has nothing on the Caribbean though! There were millions of stars! It was so beautiful! Our last night on the boat was so peaceful and amazing, it was one of those soul satisfying moments that will be with me forever. The glory and power of the Lord is so evident there, in everything.

The next day was packing up and heading back to land, which was an experience all in itself!

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