Honeymoon Recap-Part VI

6 Aug

We woke up at Cooper and started working. Actually, I wasn’t allowed to help (seeing as how it was my first time on the boat), so I tried to stay out of the way as everyone else was cleaning. We had to throw out all of the provisions that we had opened but didn’t finish, so as we were motoring back to the Footloose dock we had fun throwing everything overboard.

After getting everything off the boat and onto the docks, we had a great lunch at a cute little place by the water. I had the most amazing bleu cheese burger ever, and we enjoyed the last of our time in paradise. After lunch, we took a cab back to the Tortola airport for our flight back. The best part was Jason getting called back into security, because we had a ziplock of bug spray and sunscreen that they didn’t like (mind you, we flew in with that bag). Oh, and the fact that, since its one of the few places in the Islands that has air conditioning, they USE it, so Kelli and I got to bust our our Snuggies (yes, I am a loud, proud, and bright pink wearin’ Snuggie supporter!) and made Jason shame me.

We took our prop plane back to Puerto Rico, where we were spending the night. It was awesome to see the Spanish influence in a country that technically belongs to America. It is very similar to Miami, but since most of their economy rests on tourism, they also speak English.

Puerto Rico Airport

The hotel we stayed at was right near the airport in San Juan, so we had a short drive over. Jason and I’s hotel room had a lovely view of a Cockfighting arena, which I was very happy didn’t have any events there during our stay (I probably would have staged a protest. Been arrested. Thrown in jail. Tried to escape. Or cried, a lot. Typical me fashion). We walked a few blocks to dinner (we played it safe with food and went to Chili’s), and got to experience some of the beautiful city (Jason and his dad experienced a little more when they walked to CVS, but I took a looooooooooooooong shower, which was amazing after so many days on the boat….and used half a bottle of conditioner on my hair!).

The hotel was fun because, like most of Puerto Rico, they have a very laid back and carefree attitude, and there was a HUGE party at the hotel pool that included a swim up bar.

All in all, I loved Puerto Rico, and I wish we would have had some more time to spend while we were there. Flying over it was just a tease! It is an absolutely beautiful island full of amazing views and beautiful beaches.

The next morning, we headed out to the airport mid-morning, and spent the day flying back through Miami, and finally home to Houston. I must say, it was so hard to come back, even if we were excited to start our “real” life together. The views we saw, and the things we did will always be on my heart. I can’t wait until our next trip, and to have our children grow up feeling right at home on a big boat on the water, and livin’ on Island Time.

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