Grade ‘A’ Hippie

12 Aug

That’s right, I’m in my “certification process” to become legit.

In all seriousness, I’m starting to find ways to avoid things that are bad for us, even though some of them may be things that we love. I have come to realize that this is going to be a never ending process, but its something that with each step brings us back to what nature intended our bodies to be…I’m still trying to work on convincing Jason this.

1. Deodorant:

A few months ago, after reading an article from the IARC (International Agency for Research on Cancer) about aluminum and possible links to breast cancer and Alzheimers (the links are inconclusive, some say it does, some say it doesn’t…Meg says why take chances?), I decided switching deodorants would be an easy step in exchange for possibly not having to suffer from one (or both) horrible diseases. Around last summer I started using Tom’s of Maine deodorant, which I love. Even after a 2 mile walk in the Texas heat, I don’t stink! Next on the list is their toothpaste. Some of the chemicals listed in regular toothpaste  just freak me out.  This company also believes in sustainability.

2. Hormone Free Milk:

This is one step that I am SO glad that I made. Hormone free milk is simply delicious. The cows are not injected with rBST or rBHG  hormones (synthetic hormones many cows are given to up their milk production), and they are not fed bi-products or artificially enhanced foods. This milk is also from San Antonio, with local bottles and labels used. This means it is a responsible purchase as well in terms of the conditions of the workers.

3. Natural/Gluten Free Makeup:

Makeup has a lot of ingredients. Some good, some ok. Some that were made in a lab somewhere and have never been known to nature. For those of you that know me, you know I have very very…particular…skin. This week I placed an order for all natural makeup, in hopes that perhaps only using things that come from the earth will appease the angry beast that is my skin.

4. One car family:

This jump, I’ll admit, was not based on the good of the environment, but for the good of our pocketbook. It just happens to be a coexisting fact that we’re helping the environment.

5. Lunapads:

I won’t go into too much detail about the amazingness of Lunapads here, but I encourage you to research the chemicals and manufacturing processes of feminine products. Those chemicals are absorbed into your body.

Sometimes when I look at this list (yes, I do have a list at home of things I want to do, things I have done, and things I am doing), I feel overwhelmed. Overwhelmed between the desire to be a good steward of the environment, of our bodies, as well as good stewards of our finances. Overwhelmed at the differences of what is “good” and what is “bad”.

Things like redirecting our diet, searching for more natural and cost effective methods and products, and doing a lot of research will help us to expand this working list to cover all aspects of our lives. It will help us live in the way God has commanded us, and I pray it will help us live healthier.


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