Meals for September 19-25

17 Sep

Sunday: Firecrackers casserole; Maple bacon cupcakes for church

Monday: Playing Bunko/Dinner with a group of ladies from our church…super excited!!!

Tuesday: Drs appointment. Generally I feel pretty lousy after these, so something easy for dinner…Chicken with Cider and Bacon Sauce; steamed fresh veggies.

Wednesday: Chicken Santa Fe (I seriously hug the sweet student worker who gave me this recipe every time I make it…easy, delicious, and my husband loves it? Yes, please!!

Thursday: Work ’till 6: leftovers…I hug her on this day too, Jason generally hates leftovers, but we gladly eat this dish on the second day!!!

Friday: Pot roast!!!

Saturday: Roast beast sandwiches!! Mashed potatoes. Gravy (not gravy that I made. I have issues. Its a whole other blog post…). Perfection. Now, if only it were fall and not so danged hot.

Saturday I will also be embarking on a bakestravaganza. Homemade poptarts and cupcakes (golden butter with chocolate ganache and maple bacon) are tops of the list! Oh, and nutella pockets and jello squares.


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