Africa, Ecuador, Yemen, and College Station

1 Oct

My heart is breaking for the world.

Today, reports have been published about Congo, Rwanda, Angola, Burundi, and Uganda and more ethnic and political tension is arising from the genocide. People there are dying every day from hunger. They are a hurting continent that is so easy to be forgotten about. I hurt for them.

Today, Ecuador is on the brink of a violent military coup. Their president is in the hospital from being attacked, and still more threats are beating at his door. The airports have been taken over. Looting and rioting has started. Another Latin American country is falling victim to the violence that plagues the region.I hurt for them.

Today, another child bride from Yemen is suffering because she had the courage to divorce her “husband” that is 40 years her senior and she was forced by her own father to marry. She is hurting from being outcast from her family because of the shame they feel on her. She is unable to go to school, because she has no man in her life to support her. Her family has let her down. Her judicial system has let her down. Her country has let her down. I hurt for her, and every other young girl being forced to marry. They will never know love, but they will always know pain.

God, please hear the millions and millions of cries of the hurting. The hungry. The broken. The beaten. The hopeless. Please spread Your love and mercy over them. They need you so bad.

One Response to “Africa, Ecuador, Yemen, and College Station”

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