Meals October 3-October 10

2 Oct

Alrighty…this week is the last week before my surgery, and we have a TON to do to get ready. The bed I’ll be sleeping in during the surgery comes up Tuesday, we get rid of the computer desk to make room for it, and my parents come in Saturday. This week is going to be a weird mix of enjoying cooking while saving time as much as possible.

Sunday: beef & bean bake; crescent rolls…for church

Monday: italian chicken; garlic sauteed green beans

Tuesday: boiled shrimp; spinach salad with garlic chips

Wednesday: grilled steaks; corn on the cob; rolls

Thursday: sunriser skillet; fresh fruit

Friday: leave work at 6; cajun chicken pasta; garlic breadsticks

Saturday: steak and onion sandwiches (these are oh so very yum!); potato salad; my parents will be here, so this is a quick, easy dinner that my parents will love.

Sunday: Beef and bean bake (I’m actually making 2 this weekend and freezing one for next week); blueberry cake

This weekend/week I am also making a chili relleno casserole for sometime later in the surgery process, and a double batch of bacon onion cheddar biscuts.

This week I made sure to pack a lot of nutrients into our dinners. Protein, iron, and vitamin c are pretty important right now. I’m also taking a zinc supplement to help my body with the production of healthy tissue after the surgery. My body is going to have no choice but to heal!!


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