Feb 27-March 15

26 Feb

Sunday: Chili Tot Casserole; crescent rolls…for church

Monday: Sloppy joes; french fries

Tuesday: pancakes; eggs; hashbrowns

Wednesday: Firecracker shrimp; polenta

Thursday: BBQ Meatballs and mashed potatoes

Friday: Meal for our friends at church who just had a baby!!! (meatloaf, mashed potatoes, and a dessert); leftovers for us

Saturday: PW Beef and veggie sandwiches;

Sunday: Chili Tot Casserole; Crescent Rolls…for church

Monday: BBQ Pulled Pork; Au Gratin potatoes

Tuesday: Leftovers!

Wednesday: Oven fried chicken; roasted cauliflower

Thursday: Roasted chicken (1 to eat, 1 to freeze); baked potatoes

Friday: Jason working all day/night; leftover chicken for me!

Saturday: Jason working all day/night; chicken salad; sweet potato fries

Sunday: Jason working all day/night…Chili Tot Casserole (and one to freeze for while we’re moving); crescent rolls…for church

Monday: Jason working all day…Pioneer Woman beef and bean burritos (and, again, I’m freezing some. This way, when we move, we won’t have to waste money on eating out, we’ll just make sure that the microwave gets moved early in the process)

Tuesday: MOVING DAY!!!!!!!!


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