Seven things…

23 Mar

Beth, whom I blog about often and love dearly, granted me the Stylish Blogger award! As part of that, I am to make you all privy to 7 lesser known facts about myself, then pass the baton on. Here they go…

7. I talk to my dog all. day. long. I have full-on conversations with her, and even wait for her response sometimes. I also sing to her.

6. I love peanut butter. Not like, but  l-o-v-e. If I see something is peanut butter flavored, I must try it, even if I know its going to be gross.

5. My heart is always in prayer for Somalia, Cuba, and Bolivia, and I dream of someday visiting all of these countries. However, these countries do not love me back, including my study abroad that got canceled the week before I was supposed to go.

4. I feel like I’m getting older not because of age, but because I am finally comfortable with the scars I have, and knowing that each and every one of them tells a story, and is a memory.

3. I am a former sufferer of several things, but one is OCD. Though I’m not as bad as I used to be, I still compulsively read labels on everything. If I touch something with a label, I HAVE to read it, or else I get really tense and upset, no matter how many times I’ve read it. I pretty much have my shampoo/conditioner bottles memorized.

2. I used to be afraid of the water. Now I am in love with it, and hate to leave the beach.

1. I used to never leave home without makeup on. Since quitting work, I’ve probably only worn it 9 or 10 times. And my skin is so much happier.


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