Grace like rain

4 Apr

I’ll take a shack on the rock,

over a castle in the sand.

American Dream-Casting Crowns

937. My sweet wonderful friend Sarah. I would be so lost without her (literally and figuratively)

936. A wonderful time catching up with one of the wives at church. She is such a wonderful mentor to me, and her friendship is so refreshing.

935. Spending most of Saturday in bed reading, watching tv, and napping, since Jason was so exhausted after Relay.

934. My Nook is finally totally well!!!!

933. The Aggie women going to the National Championship this year!! Wh08p!!!

932. Writing our Compassion child letters, and thinking of fun things to send to him!

931. Finally being able to semi-relax in our new apartment. We still have a lot of work to do, but at least we can sit and chill.

930. We are officially moved out of our old apartment, and done cleaning it!!

929. Netflix streaming from the wii. Maybe its the weather, but I’m craving a movie day.

928. Top Chef. I feel like this show has made me a better cook.

927. Spriiiiiiiiiiiiiiing and the beautiful flowers!!!!

926. Living Water, and their efforts to bring clean water to the world.

925. Air France Flight 447 has, at least in part, been found. This is something that has weighed heavily on my heart for a long time.

924. Looking things up online with Jason and cracking up. Including the Petite Lap Giraffe,  twins having a conversation, Whip My Hair, and especially Friday.

923. Snickers, and her ridiculous self. She’s been particularly bouncy tonight.


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