Late Monday

11 Apr

There’s healing in the air tonight
I’m reaching up to pull it down
Gonna wrap it all around

7 Times 70
Chris August

922. That I am so amazingly blessed to be able to stay home.

921. The Library. I feel like this has saved us a fortune.

920. Aggie women winning a National Championship!

919. New, exciting things on the horizon.

918. This crazy, intense week. Weeks like this keep me on my toes.

917. Sweet Snickers, and her ability to sleep through anything.

916. Babies!!! Everyone is having babies!!!

915. Reliving the past with a sweet, sweet friend.

914. Books by Beth Harbison

913. This beautiful weather.

912. Everything but the guest room is unpacked!!!!

911. Its warm, and my summer dresses can come out of the closet.

910. After a weekend in San Antonio, my wonderful amazing husband is back.

909. We got the expansion pack for Settlers of Catan!

908. Daydreaming.


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