I wish Monday gave me time for a nap

25 Apr

Even when the rain falls
Even when the flood starts rising
Even when the storm comes
I am washed by the water

Washed by the Water-needtobreathe

889. Snuggling the sweet babes in church preschool.

888. My husband explaining VeggieTales stories to me in the car on the way back from Montgomery.

887. Getting to see family this weekend. Sometimes getting away from College Station is so refreshing.

886. My gym was just bought by Aerofit, so now I have access to the group classes. Tuesday is Zumba and Thursday is Yoga!!

885. Food Network

884. Chocolate peanut butter eggs. Love.

883. Promised Land milk. Their hormone free milk is so amazing.

882. I made it through a grocery store without crying! Praise the Lord that He has finally rid me of the anxiety that has come with grocery shopping!

881. That Jason and I are so blessed to be able to run to the grocery store and buy food when we want. So many in our own country can not say the same, and I am so grateful.

880. The prospect of rain today.

879. Using CVS extra care rewards to get some new makeup!

878. Free books on my Nook!!

877. Our amazing Lord, who took the nails that I so deserve, and rose again as a victor over death.


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