Crazy Monday

16 May

And the rain, came down,
And it blew the forewalls down
And the clouds they rolled away
And one set of Jones’, was standing that day

Two Sets of Jones’–Big Tent Revival

845. My sweet friend Sarah. Just seeing her walk in a room makes me smile.

844. My equally joy-bringing friend Beth. She makes my heart happy.

843. Spending Saturday driving around CS looking at houses. We even got a routine for jumping out and grabbing the info sheets.

842. Zumba for Wii.

841. We have a big “maybe” situation that we are dreaming about right now. Which is actually a lot of fun. Here’s to hoping!

840. My mom sending us a box of peanut butter, and a whole lot of packing peanuts. Peanut butter is in plastic jars…

839. My only nephew graduated high school yesterday.

838. Beastly. I seriously love any telling of Beauty and the Beast possible.

837. My sweet husband, who indulges my desire for an icee at 9.30 on a Sunday.

836. I can now say I’ve seen all of the Lord of the Rings movies (and yes, this is actually asked more often than you might think)(P.S…that wizard is a terrible wizard. Harry Potter would have cleaned that mess up real quick)

835. Getting to know some sweet ladies at church while setting up. Its amazing how much bonding can be done over manual labor.

834. Sitting with Jason and reliving all of our favorite memories from our Honeymoon. I am missing The Islands so much right now.

833. I’m almost caught up on housework! I might be able to get on to some projects soon!

832. Insurance. Thank goodness.

831. There is going to be some closure for the people from Air France Flight 447. I pray for their families so often.


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