Meal Plans

11 Jul

Tuesday: Honey Lime Chiplote pork tenderloin  (pintrest); crispy asparagus spears; crescent rolls

Wednesday: leftovers!

Thursday: tacos; Spanish rice

Friday: leftovers!

Saturday: going to the Astros game: dinner at Minute Maid

Sunday: dinner at church: chili tot casserole

Monday: BBQ stuffed potatoes; salad

Tuesday: boiled shrimp; spinach salad

Wednesday: Black bean stuffed peppers (pintrest); refried beans

Thursday: orange chicken (pintrest); rice; veggie

Friday: leftovers

Saturday: salmon patties (for my sweet hubs), mac and cheese

Sunday: Jason leaves me 😦 :

Since Jason is on steroids for his asthma, I’m planning on having LOTS of snacks around the house, so that he doesn’t start gnawing on his leg. 😉 Also, breakfasts here are getting easier, mostly I eat a whole bran, high fiber cereal, and Jason eats a package of delicious pop tarts.


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