12 weeks…it’s going so fast!

19 Apr



How far along: 12weeks….nearing the end of my first trimester!!!!

The baby is as big as a: peach! How sweet!

What’s happening to baby: baby is about 3 inches long, but from here on out all babies will start growing at different rates! The baby’s head is half the size of his/her body. The intestines (which have been growing in the umbilical cord), will begin moving into baby’s belly. Vocal chords are also developing this week!

Gender: 8 more weeks…if we chose to find out. 😉

Movement: I thought earlier this week I might have felt a little quickening while I was laying on my back, but nothing for sure.

Food/Drink cravings: sonic water (with lemons and limes…so good!). Root beer.

Sleep: I’m only getting up once or twice a night now! Sleeping on my belly has become too uncomfortable, and I’m trying to train myself to stay off my back, which is hard, since I’m a belly/back sleeper.

Symptoms: I can only eat 3 or 4 bites of food at a time, or else I start to gag. It makes meal time take forever, but it’s ok, since my sweet husband is a slow eater, too!! I’ve had a lot more stretchy, crampy pains in my lower belly, also.

Getting ready: I’ve been hitting up lots of garage sales for unisex clothes, and I also found an adorable excersaucer. My wonderful mother in law also bought us our nursery furniture! I CANNOT wait together it all set up, it’s amazing!


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