Hello 2nd trimester!

26 Apr

How far along: 13 weeks…whoo hoo!!!

The baby is as big as a: lemon

What’s happening to the baby: baby is moving almost all the time now, but instead of being jerky, they are now smooth and fluid. Baby’s neck is starting to straighten, and hair and eyebrows are filling in. Eyes and ears are moving into their permanent position, and teeth buds are forming under the skin.

Gender: don’t know!

Movement: nothing. I’m so excited to start feeling them soon!

Food/Drink cravings: Pizza! Pizza! Sonic water with lime. Anything sweet.

Sleep: much better now. I’m waking up around 5am for a bathroom trip, but other than that I’m sleeping through the night now.

Symptoms: pains/stretching in my tummy (especially when I move quickly), and changes in my chest.

Getting ready: This week I’ve gotten lots of baby clothes, and we’re starting to think about nursery colors and designs. This week we also bought a house, so baby will have lots of room to play and run around!!!

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