An ode-es to Moses

16 May




Last Tuesday, we had to make one of the hardest decisions ever, to put our sweet boy Moses out of pain, and have him put to sleep.

The whole thing started the previous Wednesday, when we noticed he wasn’t eating, wasn’t acting himself, and had runny eyes and a runny nose. We took Moses in to the vet, who did x-rays and diagnosed him with an upper respiratory infection and a 105 degree fever. He gave him some shots and sent him home to get well.

As of Saturday morning, bubba boo still wasn’t eating. Since we had a wedding out of town, we decided to take him in the the vet for boarding/TLC. Little did we know he would never come out.

Monday when we went to see him, he looked terrible. His coat was shaggy and hadn’t been groomed, and he acted very drowsy and sleepy. The vets were giving him iv fluids, but he wouldn’t eat. Tuesday when I went to see him, they told me they had been giving him high protein sugar paste, and he was responding well. Before I even walked in the room, he heard my voice and started meowing…something he hadn’t yet done. I spent quite a while loving on him, and before I left I gave him his blankie. The look on his face when he saw it was priceless; He started purring like a wild man, and feety-ing with joy. I felt so optimistic he had turned a corner.

The vet called later that morning and asked to do more bloodwork on him. He called later that Tuesday afternoon, and asked us to call him back. It was urgent. In the phone call, he informed us that Moses had tested positive for Feline Leukemia, even though in December he had tested negative. We had 2 options: keep him on antibiotics, have him suffer infection after infection until one finally took him, and expand his short life of maybe a year, or put him to sleep. We knew what we had to choose.

On a rainy May afternoon, we spent around an hour sitting on the vet’s floor sobbing and loving on the kitty cat whose life would only be around 14 short months. Our vet was extremely kind, but honest, in that the situation we were in was very rare, and exceedingly sucky. While petting sweet Moses to sleep, we told him we were ready. The vet gave him a shot to sleep, and we were able to say our goodbyes. He fell asleep peacefully with me sobbing my apologies, and wishing I could crawl in the kennel with him, and Jason trying to take care of me.

We only had Moses a few months, but he took our whole hearts. In his short life, his fur absorbed a lot of my tears, he was the first I whispered, “I think I’m pregnant” to, he was in the family hug when we found out, and he slept on my belly during the early weeks. He made us laugh ALL the time, and was really the best cat you could ever hope for. Even Jason loved him.


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