16 weeks…and a promise

18 May

How far along: 16 weeks!

The baby is as big as a: turnip (5in, 5oz)…around the size of an open hand

What’s happening to Baby: Baby fat is now starting to accumulate. The baby’s hearing is now developed, and s/he can now hear loud noises (which I’m sure means Olsen is a very confusing place), eyes are able to make side to side movements, even though still fused shot. Individual fingerprints are now starting to form!

Gender: Betting tables are open!! 4 weeks until our ultrasound to find out!!

Movement: Little jerks here and there (or maybe gas bubbles), but I’m waiting for my first good kick!

Food/Drink: root beer!! I can only eat around 5-10 bites of food before I start feeling uncomfortably full. And my new love language is the Dixie Chicken’s French fries.

Sleep: sleeping through the night!! Amazing!

Symptoms: cramping and stretching has greatly increased, and I’ve had a lot of congestion lately.

Getting ready: Baby’s heartbeat today at our appointment was 156!!! They broke ground on our house this week, and I am very excited for it to get going! I am also going to start posting bump pics soon, I promise!!

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