20 weeks…and our big news!

17 Jun


How far along: 20 weeks, 3 days

The baby is as big as a: banana

What’s happening to baby: Baby is 7in long, and weighs almost 11oz! The baby is practing swallowing by taking in several oz of amniotic fluid each day. There is still plenty of space for flipping and flopping, in between sleeping 12-14 hours a day. 2 layers of skin are beginning to form, as well as hair and nails growing.

Gender: Precious baby GIRL, Katherine Grace! (Her name means “pure grace of God”)

Movement: lots and lots! I’m starting to be able to tell when she’s awake/asleep, as well as what excites her!

Food/Drink: still dislike chicken, but it’s getting a little better, as long as someone else cooks it. Red meat.

Sleep: better bathroom wise, but Kat likes to wake me up kicking around 3, and goes back to sleep/tires herself out around 6. This is making getting up in the mornings really hard, but I’m hoping to be able to get back on schedule soon!

Symptoms: Lots of low pressure, and terrible back pain. At our anatomy scan, little lady was facing my spine and laying very close, as well as sitting on my bladder.

Getting ready: Now that we know she IS a she, let the bow/pink/purple/sparkle buying begin!!


Katherine Grace’s face. Look at those chubby cheeks!!


First outfit I bought her!!

Next blog post will be about our amazing gender reveal! Stay tuned!

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