Finding out

4 Jul

Friday, June 15 was one of the most amazing days of my life. After a rough (and slow) start to the morning, we were finally able to get in to the sonographer, and got to see our little strawberry for the first time since 8 weeks.

While we were able to get several good views, especially a weird one of her face, she refused to turn around so that the tech could tell her gender, get a measurement of her heart, or see her nasal bone. After about 45 minutes, the tech jumped a little bit and (very excitedly) said “I’ve got it”! (As a side note, I’m kinda happy little miss wouldn’t cooperate, because we now get a bonus ultrasound at 25 weeks to finish getting measurements!!)

We had the tech call our wonderful friend Chelsea, who offered to do a little reveal for us, and miraculously I didn’t harass her to pieces!! As we opened the box we found an adorable baseball onsie surrounded by blue tissue paper…we were right! It’s a boy! But as we looked, there was a small something in the bottom that Chelsea told us to open, too. As we did, a tiny hairbow became visible, with a little note: It’s a girl! We were SHOCKED, because we had both expected a boy. Needless to say, we were punked good, and couldn’t have dreamed of a better way to find out!! (I’ll take this option to send a big THANK YOU to Chelsea, not only for our letting us know our little girl was on the way, but for helping me with all the panic attacks and anxiety that come along with being a first time mom!!)

P.S…If you want to hear a funny story about how Jason has already offended his unborn daughter, be sure to ask. It’s pretty hilarious, and I’ll have to explain in the future how Daddy loves her but doesn’t always express it best. 😉



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