Katherine Grace

6 Jul

How far along: 23 weeks! (Only 16 weeks until my due date!!)

The baby is as big as a: Pomegranate…I need to find one of these at HEB.

What’s happening to baby: she weighs around a pound and a half now!! Her face is almost fully formed, though her skin is still missing the fat underneath that fills her out. Kat is able to hear loud sounds, and recognize voices. She is also drinking large amounts of amniotic fluid each day. In the next few weeks she’ll double in size (woah!!!).

Gender: Precious girl!

Movement: So much. Especially on my bladder. Her schedule is also developing, which is fun to feel.

Food/Drink: Everything. I find I’m hungry almost all the time, but nothing ever sounds good.

Sleep: I fall asleep pretty easily, but wake up around 1 and 3 for a bathroom break, then I’m awake from 3 to around 6.

Symptoms: HEARTBURN!!!!M Oh, it’s so bad!!!

Getting ready: our house has a roof!!! We’ve also acquired some bigger baby things from friends of ours who are moving soon.

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