My new schedule

17 Jul

2 weeks ago, I noticed that my blood pressure was getting higher than at the beginning of my pregnancy. After calling the OB, she said if it gets any higher to call back in, especially if either number hit 160/80. Thursday night my diastolic reading was 86, so when I called the next day they wanted to see me immediately.

After going in and seeing the on call doctor, she was planning on putting me in the hospital if my protein came back high. After a few minutes of panicking, she said she would send me home to do a 24 hour urine test and see if there was protein there.

Monday I got a phone call that indeed, I do have protein in my urine, accompanied by high blood pressure, and that means that I have preeclampsia. I feel extremely blessed that it is both a mild case, and that it was caught almost instantly. I know that no amount of doctors, medicine, or anything else can shorten or lengthen Katherine’s life by even a heartbeat, but it is a difficult task trying to maintain no anxiety when faced with a serious condition that might pose a danger to the sweet baby you have prayed for for years.

As of right now, I’m on modified bed rest. No more than an hour on my feet, limit lifting things, spend as little time outside as possible, and check my blood pressure at least twice a day. Thankfully I’ve been able to spend a lot of time in prayer, rereading Harry Potter, snuggling with Snickers, and looking at all the cute girl’s clothes and hair bows.

Praying for submission to both my doctor and to Jason (who is often tasked with the role of being the bad guy when I’d like to do something, go somewhere, or eat something), health and safety for Katherine, and wisdom and patience for me would be most welcomed.

Moving is about to get real interesting…

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