Katherine’s birth story {day 1}

29 Nov

October 13 is where Katherine’s birth story begins. Due to my blood pressure going up the week before, my dr had decided to go ahead and schedule an induction. My parents had come down the day before, so my mom was able to come with me to the amazing baby shower some of the precious ladies at church had for Katherine. I was so thankful that the shower was that day, otherwise I would have been a nervous mess. That evening we had a light dinner, and called into the hospital to make sure that they had room for us, which they said they did. After a terrible, horrible thunderstorm, we packed up and headed to the hospital.


We checked into St. Joseph’s hospital around 10pm, and got our room. It was mind boggling for me to think that this is the room that our sweet girl would be born in. Katherine was incredibly uncooperative with the external heart rate monitors from the very beginning, a theme that would last through the night and into day 2. I was given a medication called cytotec to jump start my labor, and a sleeping pill, one hardly worked, and the other didn’t work at all.

As morning broke on day 2, we were about to get a taste of children never doing what they are supposed to do.


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