Katherine [Month 2]

18 Dec


Precious Girl…
How are you 2 months already?! It’s going so fast! The change from your birth to now is just absolutely amazing. What’s it going to be like next month?! This month we got to see your precious smile, and you are just about always willing to flash a grin at someone!

Measurements: You weigh 12lb 9oz (95th percentile), and are 23″ (75th percentile) long. Short and chunky!!

Diapers: you are now in size 1’s, and depending on the type, they are starting to get a little small.

Clothes: All 0-3 months. Your newborn clothes got too short first, so some of your new clothes are a little big, still.

Schedule: we are starting to develop a daily routine!! You wake up around 7, get a diaper change and meal, then nap again until 11. After another diaper change and meal, it’s playtime!! Around 2 we break for a fresh diaper and food, then play again until 4-5, when it’s time for a diaper and food. Then you’ll nap until around 7, wake up, change, eat, and snuggle and play. Every other night you get a bath around 10, a bottle, then down for bed between 11-11:30.

Sleeping: daytime naps are in either your swing or bouncer. This week we moved you into your room, and mommy is very happy about that! We have you in your bassinet, so now it’s time to work on migrating you to your crib. You sleep at night with your light bug, and you prefer the music to the heart noises.

Meals: mommy is having a hard time still with milk production, so generally you only get 1-2 feeding a day of my milk. The rest of the time you take Similac Sensitive formula. This seems to upset your tummy less than what you were on before! You generally always take 4oz, but on rare days you’ll eat a little more.

Favorites: you love to watch lights. You’ll stare at them forever! You also like sitting/laying and “talking” to the Christmas tree. You also love your floor gym, and swatting at the toys on it.

Dislikes: about half the time now you still scream during your baths, but you’re getting better!! You hate waking up, and it tends to take quite a bit for you to wake up, and even longer for you to be smiley! You’ve also started to dislike tummy time.


2 Responses to “Katherine [Month 2]”

  1. Heather December 18, 2012 at 11:09 am #

    Meg, i love that you’re doing this. I can only image Baby K will too some day! Awesome way to keep track of momentous occasions.

    • Meg Ross December 18, 2012 at 1:20 pm #

      Thanks, girl! I’m kind of using it as a baby book for her!

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