Katherine’s birth story {day 2}

24 Dec

Day 2 was quite honestly the most exhausting day of my entire life. My dr came in to check me around 9 Sunday morning, and though she didn’t say so, I could tell I hadn’t progressed nearly as far as she had hoped. She tried to break my water, but the pain of her trying to break through my cervix was a little too intense, so she went ahead and called the anesthesiologist for my epidural.

I had always been anti-epidural, and had hoped to be able to deliver without it. Yeah, I was dumb. I was terrified of the needle in my spine, but I hardly noticed it at all. Around 11am my dr came back in and was able to break my water, which meant I was able to start pitocin, and really get labor going. At this point I was barely having contractions, and I knew in my head I had a timer going to get this baby out.

Thanks to the epidural, I was finally able to get some rest, so I spent most of the day napping between cervix checks. Once my water was broken, the nurses put internal contraction and fetal heart rate monitors in, and Jason and I enjoyed watching me have contractions without feeling them. Though everyone thought we’d be snuggling our little lady by early afternoon, late evening came and I had no baby (and no food). Starting about 5pm, we began to realize this would take longer when we thought. At 5 they told us a baby by 10, at 10 they told us by midnight. My dr came in again around 9pm to check me, and told me to keep on keepin’ on. Katherine’s original birthday had come and gone, and we were on to Day 3 of her 2 day delivery.


Watching tv and chilling. Where is my pretty princess?!?


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