Katherine’s birth story {Day 3}

27 Dec

Around midnight on Monday, October 15, my nurse told me that within a few hours I would start pushing. I started getting a little nervous and panicky…what had I gotten myself into?!? I hadn’t had any food since my light dinner on Saturday. I was starving. I was tired. I was nervous. This was going to be rough. Around 4am my nurse came in and told me to get ready…we were going to start pushing!


Pushing was not at all how I pictured it. I had never focused on something so intently, nor wanted something to be over so much in my life. At about 6am, having been pushing 3 times every contraction (which were between 3 and 5 minutes apart), I began having severe pain in my upper back. At the time I thought it was just from doing the “crunches” while pushing, but now I imagine it was referred pain from the rest of my body. Close to 7:30am, I had a new nurse come in who immediately started making changes. Around 7:45am, this angel of a woman made the decision that I credit for helping me avoid a c-section: she let me know that my doctor was on the way, and let me have a nap.

When April came on duty, I was having a breakdown. I was so tired and drained that I had asked for some apple juice. I could tell my body had done all it could, and I needed energy to get Katherine out. When the nurse told me no, I was too close to a c-section to have anything, I lost it. I sobbed uncontrollably. Over apple juice. April looked at me for a few second, thew a blanket and sheet on me, and told everyone to get out. She told me to rest and take a nap while we waited for the dr, and she shut my light off.

When my dr walked in the room, I could tell she was unhappy. She knew how much I wanted to avoid a c-section because of my past history of healing, yet we couldn’t just let Katherine take forever. As she got ready, she walked up to the head of my bed, looked me in the eye and said, “either she comes out on this push, with help from the vacuum, or you have a section. You decide here, but you have to give it everything you have”. And I did. 2 tears, 1 episiotomy, and 1 unintentional nick, and my little girl was here.

After a few scary moments when we realized the cord was wrapped around her neck, and she was breathing too fast, a quick check by a NICU dr let us know that she was fine. I didn’t get to hold her because of the narcotics (glorious pain meds) that I was given, but Jason held her for me to see this beautiful little miracle we were blessed with!!


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