Fitness Routine

11 Feb

With a baby, everything has to be flexible. However, I am a person who, when it comes to working out, I am much better with a known, scheduled routine. Therefore, I have set up the following schedule,but I try to make sure that if something goes wrong the night before/day of, I don’t meltdown and just give up on exercising at all that day. One of my favorite things is adding in my Weight Watchers activity points in my PointsPlus tracker. Every little bit!!

Monday: Work out of the Month (more on what this is to follow, but I’ll label it WOOTM). I try to get to the gym around 6:00am, and be gone by 7:15am.

Tuesday:30 minute cardio. This is usually in the form of jogging/walking on the treadmill. 6:00am-6:30am, followed by stretching.

Wednesday:5:30am Zumba! class. Done around 6:30am.

Thursday:Since Wednesday nights tend to be long with our Life Group meetings, and little girl tends to have a hard time going down, Thursday mornings are sleep in mornings. I try to do yoga or a workout DVD at home.

Friday:WOOTM. Same 6:00am-7:15am.

Saturday:I’m still trying to work out what this will look like with baseball season/Weight Watchers meetings, but my hope is to get up and do some yoga/stretching on the back porch, as weather permits.

Sunday:I am not planning anything on this day,but instead seeing what comes. It may be yoga, DVD, or simply letting my body rest.

I also plan on trying to take Katherine out for a walk/jog every afternoon in our new jogging stroller. This will be in addition to the other workouts. Hopefully it will help her sleep during her afternoon naps…win-win!


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