Katherine [Month 4]

1 Mar


Baby K, it almost hurts my heart to write that you are 4 months old. It’s not that I don’t want you to grow up, I just don’t want you to do it so fast! You are such a joy to us; Constant smiles, funny faces, and well timed goofiness make our hearts melt!

Measurements: this month at Dr-Aunt Sarah’s, you weighed 15.7lbs (90th percentile) and were 26″ long (95th percentile)

Diapers: still in size 2’s! I just told daddy this morning that it seems like you will be in these for a while.

Clothes: you have finally moved up to 3-6month clothes. Most are still pretty big on you (despite you being 4 months), so I imagine you’ll be in these well past your 6 month date.

Schedule: you have settled into a schedule that works so well for all of us. You’re up between 6:30-7am, and mommy brings you into our bed for your morning bottle, playtime, and snuggles with mommy and daddy. Daddy will leave for work, and we go into the living room for you to play while I’m doing dishes/picking up. Around 10am you go down for your morning nap until 11:30-noon. Mommy feeds you, then we either run any errands we have, or you sit in your bumbo while I read to you. You play a little bit more, then another bottle, and go down for your afternoon nap around 3pm. You usually get up around 5pm, eat and play. During the evening you’ll play, have another bottle, bath time, story time. If daddy is here you tend to treasure snuggles with him, and sit on his lap while he looks at the Internet or watches tv. Around 8:30-9pm, you start to get a little restless, so we fix you your last bottle, then lay you down, and you usually are out by 9:30pm.

Sleeping: you sleep like a champ! I am so thankful for a baby that sleeps so well! You are in your crib full time, even for naps now, and we swaddle you up in a SwaddleMe.

Meals: you are still on Similac Spit-Up, and you seem to handle it well. Usually you eat around 7oz, and your gas is a lot better.

Favorites: sitting up in your bumbo, your floor gym, your new Wubbanub, and bath times are some of your favorite things.

Dislikes: you are starting to dislike your carseat. I think that you dislike being confined, and of course, that’s what your carseat is designed to do. For the most part, you are such a happy baby!


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