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Katherine [Month 3]

1 Feb


Oh precious girl! You are such a light! This month you have grown so much. You are constantly changing and growing, like its right before our eyes!

Measurements: this month you have noticeably lengthened! You didn’t have an official appointment, but our at home measurements were that you weigh 16lbs, and are 25″ long!

Diapers: You were starting to soak through size 1’s at night, so we bumped you up to 2’s, which seem to be doing the trick. They are still a little big, but hope you’ll be in these a while.

Clothes: I am trying to keep you in your 0-3 months as long as possible, but some of them are starting to get a little short. I know in the next few weeks I’ll have to transition you to 3-6 months.

Schedule: Your schedule is starting to become a little more dependable. You wake up around 8-8:30, daddy feeds you, and we all hang out in bed once mommy gets home from the gym. You play for a bit, and then take a morning nap. Since we got you a new sound machine, your naps have been so much better! You wake, eat, play, nap the rest of the day. Your last nap is around 5, then we play a lot!

Sleeping: you are completely in your crib, now!! Unless you fall asleep before we notice, you even nap in your crib. You are swaddled, and have either ocean or rain sounds for naps, lullabies or Mozart for bedtime. I am so proud of the way that you have transitioned to the crib! I thought it would be much more difficult.

Meals: this month mommy officially stopped pumping milk for you. It was taking up so much time and energy for no production. You are eating around 5oz of Similac for Spit-Up 4 times a day, and 2 4oz bottles in the evening.

Favorites: you still love your play gym, though you only want to play on it on your back. You have also really fallen in love with the rocker that Aunt Debbie got you. Before you only used it to sleep in, but now you love to sit for hours and “talk” to the butterflies and snails.

Dislikes: tummy time. You will tolerate it for around 3-4 minutes. When we take your bottle out, or when you have drank it all.

My new schedule

17 Jul

2 weeks ago, I noticed that my blood pressure was getting higher than at the beginning of my pregnancy. After calling the OB, she said if it gets any higher to call back in, especially if either number hit 160/80. Thursday night my diastolic reading was 86, so when I called the next day they wanted to see me immediately.

After going in and seeing the on call doctor, she was planning on putting me in the hospital if my protein came back high. After a few minutes of panicking, she said she would send me home to do a 24 hour urine test and see if there was protein there.

Monday I got a phone call that indeed, I do have protein in my urine, accompanied by high blood pressure, and that means that I have preeclampsia. I feel extremely blessed that it is both a mild case, and that it was caught almost instantly. I know that no amount of doctors, medicine, or anything else can shorten or lengthen Katherine’s life by even a heartbeat, but it is a difficult task trying to maintain no anxiety when faced with a serious condition that might pose a danger to the sweet baby you have prayed for for years.

As of right now, I’m on modified bed rest. No more than an hour on my feet, limit lifting things, spend as little time outside as possible, and check my blood pressure at least twice a day. Thankfully I’ve been able to spend a lot of time in prayer, rereading Harry Potter, snuggling with Snickers, and looking at all the cute girl’s clothes and hair bows.

Praying for submission to both my doctor and to Jason (who is often tasked with the role of being the bad guy when I’d like to do something, go somewhere, or eat something), health and safety for Katherine, and wisdom and patience for me would be most welcomed.

Moving is about to get real interesting…

Katherine Grace

6 Jul

How far along: 23 weeks! (Only 16 weeks until my due date!!)

The baby is as big as a: Pomegranate…I need to find one of these at HEB.

What’s happening to baby: she weighs around a pound and a half now!! Her face is almost fully formed, though her skin is still missing the fat underneath that fills her out. Kat is able to hear loud sounds, and recognize voices. She is also drinking large amounts of amniotic fluid each day. In the next few weeks she’ll double in size (woah!!!).

Gender: Precious girl!

Movement: So much. Especially on my bladder. Her schedule is also developing, which is fun to feel.

Food/Drink: Everything. I find I’m hungry almost all the time, but nothing ever sounds good.

Sleep: I fall asleep pretty easily, but wake up around 1 and 3 for a bathroom break, then I’m awake from 3 to around 6.

Symptoms: HEARTBURN!!!!M Oh, it’s so bad!!!

Getting ready: our house has a roof!!! We’ve also acquired some bigger baby things from friends of ours who are moving soon.

Like sands through the hourglass…

3 Jul

so seems to be the days of this pregnancy.

I am finding this sweet time in my life seems to be speeding by like crazy. I always said that when I was finally able to get pregnant, I would try and not take for granted every pain and discomfort, and for the most part, I have enjoyed every minute of having this sweet girl in my belly.

However, I am so conflicted. I am so excited to meet this sweet girl. Will she have my cheeks? What about Daddy’s blue eyes? What will she be like? On the other hand, I love drinking in every amazing kick, spaz, flip, and flop that I feel. When she wakes me up kicking so hard it’s painful at 3:30 in the morning, I lay quietly and enjoy knowing that she is in there and growing.

Sweet baby girl, momma wishes that this time would both hurry up and stop.

20 weeks…and our big news!

17 Jun


How far along: 20 weeks, 3 days

The baby is as big as a: banana

What’s happening to baby: Baby is 7in long, and weighs almost 11oz! The baby is practing swallowing by taking in several oz of amniotic fluid each day. There is still plenty of space for flipping and flopping, in between sleeping 12-14 hours a day. 2 layers of skin are beginning to form, as well as hair and nails growing.

Gender: Precious baby GIRL, Katherine Grace! (Her name means “pure grace of God”)

Movement: lots and lots! I’m starting to be able to tell when she’s awake/asleep, as well as what excites her!

Food/Drink: still dislike chicken, but it’s getting a little better, as long as someone else cooks it. Red meat.

Sleep: better bathroom wise, but Kat likes to wake me up kicking around 3, and goes back to sleep/tires herself out around 6. This is making getting up in the mornings really hard, but I’m hoping to be able to get back on schedule soon!

Symptoms: Lots of low pressure, and terrible back pain. At our anatomy scan, little lady was facing my spine and laying very close, as well as sitting on my bladder.

Getting ready: Now that we know she IS a she, let the bow/pink/purple/sparkle buying begin!!


Katherine Grace’s face. Look at those chubby cheeks!!


First outfit I bought her!!

Next blog post will be about our amazing gender reveal! Stay tuned!

11 week update

12 Apr

Welp, it only took a couple of weeks to get behind. Go figure! I’m planning on starting belly pics soon, since I have a little bit of a roundness showing.

How far along: 11 weeks today!

The baby is as big as a: large plum

What’s happening to the baby: developing new body structures is nearing an end, as much of them are fully formed. They will continue to mature for the next 28 weeks and the organs will start practicing their jobs. The digestive system is starting to practice, as is the pituitary gland. Teeth, finger and toe nails, and hair follicles are forming.

Gender: 9 more weeks until we can find out.

Movement: none yet! Getting closer.

Food/Drink cravings: oranges, TexMex food, bean dip

Sleep: thankfully I found out a lot of the tiredness I’ve been having is due to a less than fully functional thyroid. At night, I am still having some wild and crazy dreams. I am only getting up twice a night now, and am looking forward to those trip going away in my second trimester!!!!

Symptoms: tired, bloody noses, and some heartburn. Other than that, this pregnancy has pretty much been a breeze.

Getting ready: we get to hear baby’s heartbeat at our appointment Monday! So excited.

Baby, Oh Baby!!

5 Mar

After a long time of trying, Jason and I were super excited to find out last week that we were finally pregnant!! We have had several people ask us why we shared our news so early, and the answer to that is two fold. First, we are so overjoyed finding out we were pregnant, we couldn’t wait to share the news with all the people who have prayed with us through our fertility journey. Second, we would rather have people walk through this journey, no matter the outcome, with us and see the glory of Christ in everything about our lives right now!!!


About This Pregnancy:

How far along: 5 weeks 5 days

The baby is as big as a: sweet pea

What’s happening to the baby: s/he is .05-.09in, their heart is 3/4 of the way formed, but it will start to beat this week!!!! The brain, reproductive, cardiovascular, and nervous systems begin to develop.

Gender: too early to tell

Movement: too early for that, too. 😦

Food/Drink craving: all food seems to be grossing me out, but I generally prefer either Mexican food, or really really spicy food.

Sleep: I am getting up 2-3 times a night to go to the bathroom. I’ve also this week started having crazy dreams.

Symptoms: lots of cramping/pulling in my lower abdomen, crazy bad headaches. Usually my symptoms are worse at night. I’ve also been sleeping around 12-13 hours a day, either at night or through naps.

Getting ready: we have our first appointment on the 20th, and I am so hoping for a Doppler/sonogram that day!!