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Africa, Ecuador, Yemen, and College Station

1 Oct

My heart is breaking for the world.

Today, reports have been published about Congo, Rwanda, Angola, Burundi, and Uganda and more ethnic and political tension is arising from the genocide. People there are dying every day from hunger. They are a hurting continent that is so easy to be forgotten about. I hurt for them.

Today, Ecuador is on the brink of a violent military coup. Their president is in the hospital from being attacked, and still more threats are beating at his door. The airports have been taken over. Looting and rioting has started. Another Latin American country is falling victim to the violence that plagues the region.I hurt for them.

Today, another child bride from Yemen is suffering because she had the courage to divorce her “husband” that is 40 years her senior and she was forced by her own father to marry. She is hurting from being outcast from her family because of the shame they feel on her. She is unable to go to school, because she has no man in her life to support her. Her family has let her down. Her judicial system has let her down. Her country has let her down. I hurt for her, and every other young girl being forced to marry. They will never know love, but they will always know pain.

God, please hear the millions and millions of cries of the hurting. The hungry. The broken. The beaten. The hopeless. Please spread Your love and mercy over them. They need you so bad.

Places I’ve never been

19 Aug


My heart has been hundreds of miles away for the past few days. I have been able to keep my mind focused during the day, but at night my dreams are filled with sights and sounds of a place that I’ve never been.

I am dreaming of Haiti. Of standing on the harbors and watching cargo ships sail in and out of the Caribbean.

I am dreaming of walking the streets, the broken bits of concrete and broken hearts all around me. An island of people who need Christ and His love. Who need shelter.

Babies, born to mothers who can’t take care of them, that need to be held. Children who need to be played with. Families that need food.

My heart is full of them today. My prayers are for them. God, how can I be of use to them? How can I serve and minister to them from so far away?

Permita el cambio del mundo usted, y usted puede cambiar el mundo.

28 Jun

After the Lord and my husband, this man comes next on the list of “people who have made me into who I am today”. And this is the book that brought about that change.

Many people know of Che Guevara. They picture the militant, the killer, the partner of Fidel Castro, and they picture a villain. The Motorcycle Diaries details the trip a 23 year old Ernesto Guevara de la Serna takes across South America, before he becomes Che. He is a young, affluent medical student, who has lived a comfortable lifestyle, and has never seen, touched, or smelled poverty before. He is a golden boy, and in this trip he loses his glow.

This book entered my life at a time when I, much like Che, had started growing uncomfortable with my comfortable life. Though my life has not been perfect or charmed by any sense of the word, I don’t believe that I’ve seen real hurt. I have never witnessed the pain a mother faces when she has no food or water for her child. I have never had to witness a father leave his family because there was no work. I have never had to witness real suffering for Christ, or truly been persecuted for my belief. When Guevara began his journey, neither had he. That all changed in the mountains of Chile, on the island with the Lepers, on the back of a rickety motorcycle. As I read about how he changed, something within me did too.

Che is who taught me to love South America for what it is, beautiful and ugly at the same time. He is who taught me that I love the Spanish language. He taught me that affluence is not a blessing, and that often times, money is a curse. He is the one who taught me about Bolivia, a country which I hold so dear in my heart.

The Lord was so gracious to introduce me to someone who has such a passion for others, and feels their pain so deep within themselves. God is changing me, shaping me. I’m rereading The Motorcycle Diaries becauseĀ  I feel that stirring within me, the passion to help others, the need to do something to ease their burdens. Along the way, I’ll be blogging through some of the passages and stories that I have carried in my heart for many years, in hopes that it will inspire others in some way.

For now, I’ll leave you with the translation of this post. If I had to sum up The Motorcycle Diaries in one sentence, this would be it.

Let the world change you, and you can change the world.

Che Guevara