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14 Nov
This poem pretty much sums up the season that I feel Jason and I are in right now. Every time I read it, it reaches to the depths of my heart and pulls at the strings. I hope that maybe it’ll encourage you too, in whatever season of waiting you’re in!
by Russell Kelfer



Desperately, helplessly, longingly, I cried;
Quietly, patiently, lovingly, God replied.
I pled and I wept for a clue to my fate . . .
And the Master so gently said, “Wait.”

“Wait? you say wait?” my indignant reply.
“Lord, I need answers, I need to know why!
Is your hand shortened? Or have you not heard?
By faith I have asked, and I’m claiming your Word.

“My future and all to which I relate
Hangs in the balance, and you tell me to wait?
I’m needing a ‘yes’, a go-ahead sign,
Or even a ‘no’ to which I can resign.

“You promised, dear Lord, that if we believe,
We need but to ask, and we shall receive.
And Lord I’ve been asking, and this is my cry:
I’m weary of asking! I need a reply.”

Then quietly, softly, I learned of my fate,
As my Master replied again, “Wait.”
So I slumped in my chair, defeated and taut,
And grumbled to God, “So, I’m waiting for what?”

He seemed then to kneel, and His eyes met with mine . . .
and He tenderly said, “I could give you a sign.
I could shake the heavens and darken the sun.
I could raise the dead and cause mountains to run.

“I could give all you seek and pleased you would be.
You’d have what you want, but you wouldn’t know Me.
You’d not know the depth of my love for each saint.
You’d not know the power that I give to the faint.

“You’d not learn to see through clouds of despair;
You’d not learn to trust just by knowing I’m there.
You’d not know the joy of resting in Me
When darkness and silence are all you can see.

“You’d never experience the fullness of love
When the peace of My spirit descends like a dove.
You would know that I give, and I save, for a start,
But you’d not know the depth of the beat of My heart.

“The glow of my comfort late into the night,
The faith that I give when you walk without sight.
The depth that’s beyond getting just what you ask
From an infinite God who makes what you have last.

“You’d never know, should your pain quickly flee,
What it means that My grace is sufficient for thee.
Yes, your dearest dreams overnight would come true,
But, oh, the loss, if you missed what I’m doing in you.

“So, be silent, my child, and in time you will see
That the greatest of gifts is to truly know me.
And though oft My answers seem terribly late,
My most precious answer of all is still . . . Wait.”

Manna comes in many forms

27 Sep

Then the Lord said to Moses, “Behold, I am about to rain bread from heaven for you, and the people shall go out and gather a day’s portion every day, that I may test them, whether they will walk in my law or not.

Exodus 16:4

I’m starting to believe that manna comes in many forms. God sustains us when He sees the needs in our lives. Today, my portion of manna came at 2 different times. This morning, a new member from our church/life group sent me a text message with Psalm 145: 18-20. She is such an inspiration to me anyway, and for this message to come to me, especially since I am learning more and more to lean on the Lord instead of trying to take matters into my own hands, my heart just about burst with gratitude.

The other, less spiritual but still meaningful manna came while I was waiting on Jason to pick me up for lunch. As a lady was crossing the street, she walked up next to me and told me, “Your hair looks really pretty that way; you just have the prettiest hair!”. Even though I know I don’t need to rest in physical beauty, it still feels good to have someone complement me on something like that.

Though I know that in this verse the Lord rained actual bread down on the people, today He sustained me with the love and kindness of 2 women. How is your manna coming?

Sola Fide

19 Sep

This week our church began a sermon series on Paul’s letter to the Galatians. As I decided to go ahead and read through the book of Galatians in my quiet time to be prepared, this verse has continued weighing on me. At least 10-15 times a day this verse pops into my head, and I am so broken by the words. I thought that I would share it you all so that you can share in the unbelievable joy and worship that I feel when I read these words:

I have been crucified with Christ. It is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me. And the life I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me.

Galatians 2: 20

Praise the Lord, for he is so good!

Freedom has become our song.

16 Sep

My heart has really been meditating on a song that we have sung a few times in church, regarding Christ as our new master once we have been freed from the sin that clouds our lives. How easy it is to believe that we have no sin in our hearts! Yet Jesus, who led a perfectly sinless life, paid the price for that sin.

For my sin. For your sin.

For my little sin. For my big sin.

For my big sin in ever allowing myself to be convinced that there are little sins.

I hope that this song will weigh on your heart as much as it does mine. The past week or so I have had this song with me so much of the time. How powerful is this message? How powerful is this gift Christ has given us!

Hallelujah Glory to Our King
Hallelujah You are everything
Hallelujah Now the Blind can see
Hallelujah Glory to our King.

Glory to our King, Glory to our King

Healer of our broken hearts,
Forgiver of our path so dark,
You opened eyes that once were blind
On my darkness you shed light

Blameless ONE who took my place
Redeeming LOVE sweeps me away
Spotless bride I have become
Because of your redeeming blood

Hallelujah Glory to Our King
Hallelujah You are everything
Hallelujah I have been Redeemed
Hallelujah Glory to our King.

Worthy You are Worthy

Master taking off my chains
Now to Righteousness enslaved
Freedom has become my song
To my LOVER I belong

Hallelujah Glory to Our King
Hallelujah You are everything
Hallelujah now this Slaves set free!
Hallelujah Glory to our King.

The strenght of the Lord is greater than mine.

2 Sep

There is something so deliciously satisfying about relying on the Lord to push your body through physical pain.

Whether its during a workout, when you are trying to tone  your body to treat it as the Lord had intended.

Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your body.

1 Corinthians 6: 19-20

Or during wound care when the only thing you can do is grit your teeth and bear the pain, as they scrape away the flesh that you have worked so hard to grow.

Heal me, O Lord, and I shall be healed; Save me, and I shall be saved, for You are my praise.

Jeremiah 17:14

The terrible morning sickness that so many of my friends are experiencing.

Or the physical pain you experience when someone you love is hurt.

All of these things make our faith in the Lord grow stronger. We have no security apart from Him along, we can not rest in the things of this world. No amount of work on our part will make us safe and happy.

But the salvation of the righteous is of the Lord; He is their stronghold in times of trouble.

Psalms 37: 39


21 Jul

I rarely post twice in a day, I generally think its annoying, but today on the way home from work this song came on the radio, and I was so inspired and uplifted I couldn’t help but get excited. What a great song to remind us of how we are to act when we allow the Lord to be lord of our lives!

make ´em wonder what you´ve got
make ´em wish that they were not
on the outside looking bored
let it shine before all men
let´em see good works, and then
let ´em glorify the Lord



19 Jul

My heart today is aching for the loss of 2 Christian brothers in Pakistan. They were shot while being transferred to a holding cell until their hearings for distributing Christian literature came.

We are so lucky. When is the last time we had to face death in order to praise our King? When have we been told, “choose or die”?

We are blessed, as Americans, to live in a nation where we are not banned from church. We are not told we cannot pray. Where we are free to shout The Good News from the rooftops.

My heart is in prayer for the family of these men. My heart is in prayer for the nation of Pakistan. My heart is rejoicing for my freedom. He is good, all the time.