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Fitness Routine

11 Feb

With a baby, everything has to be flexible. However, I am a person who, when it comes to working out, I am much better with a known, scheduled routine. Therefore, I have set up the following schedule,but I try to make sure that if something goes wrong the night before/day of, I don’t meltdown and just give up on exercising at all that day. One of my favorite things is adding in my Weight Watchers activity points in my PointsPlus tracker. Every little bit!!

Monday: Work out of the Month (more on what this is to follow, but I’ll label it WOOTM). I try to get to the gym around 6:00am, and be gone by 7:15am.

Tuesday:30 minute cardio. This is usually in the form of jogging/walking on the treadmill. 6:00am-6:30am, followed by stretching.

Wednesday:5:30am Zumba! class. Done around 6:30am.

Thursday:Since Wednesday nights tend to be long with our Life Group meetings, and little girl tends to have a hard time going down, Thursday mornings are sleep in mornings. I try to do yoga or a workout DVD at home.

Friday:WOOTM. Same 6:00am-7:15am.

Saturday:I’m still trying to work out what this will look like with baseball season/Weight Watchers meetings, but my hope is to get up and do some yoga/stretching on the back porch, as weather permits.

Sunday:I am not planning anything on this day,but instead seeing what comes. It may be yoga, DVD, or simply letting my body rest.

I also plan on trying to take Katherine out for a walk/jog every afternoon in our new jogging stroller. This will be in addition to the other workouts. Hopefully it will help her sleep during her afternoon naps…win-win!


My new schedule

17 Jul

2 weeks ago, I noticed that my blood pressure was getting higher than at the beginning of my pregnancy. After calling the OB, she said if it gets any higher to call back in, especially if either number hit 160/80. Thursday night my diastolic reading was 86, so when I called the next day they wanted to see me immediately.

After going in and seeing the on call doctor, she was planning on putting me in the hospital if my protein came back high. After a few minutes of panicking, she said she would send me home to do a 24 hour urine test and see if there was protein there.

Monday I got a phone call that indeed, I do have protein in my urine, accompanied by high blood pressure, and that means that I have preeclampsia. I feel extremely blessed that it is both a mild case, and that it was caught almost instantly. I know that no amount of doctors, medicine, or anything else can shorten or lengthen Katherine’s life by even a heartbeat, but it is a difficult task trying to maintain no anxiety when faced with a serious condition that might pose a danger to the sweet baby you have prayed for for years.

As of right now, I’m on modified bed rest. No more than an hour on my feet, limit lifting things, spend as little time outside as possible, and check my blood pressure at least twice a day. Thankfully I’ve been able to spend a lot of time in prayer, rereading Harry Potter, snuggling with Snickers, and looking at all the cute girl’s clothes and hair bows.

Praying for submission to both my doctor and to Jason (who is often tasked with the role of being the bad guy when I’d like to do something, go somewhere, or eat something), health and safety for Katherine, and wisdom and patience for me would be most welcomed.

Moving is about to get real interesting…


6 week update

12 Mar


                           Credit: starshadow78/Flickr

About this pregnancy!

How far along: 6 weeks 4 days

The baby is as big as a: blueberry

What’s happening to the baby: the baby’s length is close to a quarter of an inch. The most growth this week is the baby’s head/brain, with new brain cells being generated at 100 cells/minute. His/her arm and leg buds are beginning to sprout, and dividing into segments. This week also, the mouth, tongue, and permanent kidneys are in place.

Gender: Jason and my dad say boy, my brother and I say girl, but it’s too early to tell.

Movement: not yet

Food/drink craving: crawfish, TexMex, V8, popcorn.

Sleep: crazy, crazy dreams every night. I’m actually only getting up now around midnight and again at 5am for the bathroom!

Symptoms: still quite a bit of cramping, especially the past few days. Dr says that’s normal, though. :-/ Tiredness is still a big one, and just feeling really awful in the evenings.

Getting ready: 1 week until our first appointment. Praying that everything has gone well, and our little blueberry has grown strong and healthy.


28 Nov

So I made myself a promise that I was going to get better at blogging. I was going to get better at documenting life, and the season we’re in now. Then that life quickly started getting ridiculous. So, here’s a quick numerical list of what’s happenin’ at the Ross Casa:

1.) We’re moving on Friday. No worries, just to a cute little townhouse in Bryan. But I’m still pretty stoked, we’re not going to be in an apartment anymore (no one above us), and we’ll only share one wall with someone, and that wall won’t be our bedroom. I’m also excited about moving to Bryan and getting to know the area a little better.

2.) Jason is starting a new job. If you want details, you’re probably going to have to ask him. I just told you all I know.

3.) We officially started fertility treatments last month. While the first month of Clomid worked, we are not pregnant, so tomorrow starts our second cycle. Which reminds me, if you see me and I’m shrieking or crying (or both), try and show me some grace, this medicine is rough stuff, and I have to double it this month.

4.) We’re getting ready for a trip to Missouri to see my parents and spend Christmas there. While I love and adore seeing them, the long trip is usually kinda hard, especially with everything else being in chaos (you know, moving, new job, crazy hormones…awesome mix).

I know it might sound as if I’m complaining, I am really feeling exceedingly blessed. The Lord has been so great to carry us through so many changes, and has showed us abounding mercy with His timing, and I am so excited to see the changes that Jason and I are going through as individuals, and as a couple. While in my timing I would not have put myself in this place, I am thankful for the lessons the Lord has sent us. My constant and heartfelt cry is that we would wait well, and that we continue to see the amazing gifts we have. Will you be in prayer that this holiday season is not a time of great pain, but one of beauty, rest, and rejuvenation?

Sick weekends are good for

2 Oct


Laying on the couch…all weekend.

Jason and I trading which couch we’re laying on.

Lots and lots of Pintrest-ing things.

A whole lot of Angry Birds.

“Quality time” with my sweet husband.

Many. Many. Many movies.

Drinking a whole gallon of Gatorade.

Resurrecting my blog.

Catching up on photos

10 Jan


Sweet Snickers, trying to rest from all the "work" she did Friday.



Our Saturday.

Just because she is so cute.



One Year Anniversary

4 Jan

Appointment reminder card…I have a TON

Today is the one year anniversary of the first surgery to remove the pilonidal cyst. As of today I have had 2 surgeries on my tailbone, countless thousands of dollars spent, time out of life, and it is only now just about to heal (God willing).

Easy 2 week surgery my foot.