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First Looks

24 Mar

If you are a family member, you know that I love taking pictures of Katherine’s first tastes of food. I love watching her face as she processes what on earth I’m putting in her mouth. Hope you enjoy this as much as I do!












Katherine [Month 5]

20 Mar


Oh my baby girl. I looked at you this month and realized that you are no longer a baby, but you are an infant. Your personality is starting to show more and more. You are so sweet, and loving, while also being busy and inquisitive. You are such a studier and thinker…just like daddy!

Measurements: our scale showed 28″ and 16.5#

Diapers: still in size 2’s! We use swaddlers during the day, and dry max at night, since you’ve been sorta leaking through the swaddlers.

Clothes: all 3-6 months! They are still pretty big on you, so I think you’ll be in these for a while.

Schedule: it’s been pretty varied this month. Your teeth are really giving you fits!!

Sleeping: your sleeping has been unpredictable. Some nights you sleep great, others you are up and down. Your naps have been the same way, ranging from 30 minutes to 3 hours.

Meals: you are officially on solids!! Whoo hoo!!! Twice a day you get whatever fruit/veggie we are on! So far you have had:

avocado-you did NOT care for at all!!

banana-you LOVED eating banana, it has been your favorite fruit!

peas-you adored them!

zucchini-this was the first homemade food you have had, and at first you were off put by the texture, but now it seems to be your favorite

I usually give you your veggies with a touch of butter or olive oil and salt. I mean, who likes just plain vegetables?! You are also still eating 4-6 4oz bottles of Similac Spit-Up Formula daily. You love whenever a mealtime rolls around.

Favorites: Sophie!! Much to mommy’s chagrin, you adore chewing on Sophie’s head and legs, and you ESPECIALLY love squeaking her. Especially at church when Pastor Allen is preaching. You are also loving Sally Snail. We will place her on the floor just out of your reach, and you will creep over to her to make her make noise. You have also started playing longer amounts of times in your excersaucer. Your favorite toys on it are the rattle sun, teething star, and hand puppet.

Dislikes: your bottle being empty. When you see your bottles, but you are not eating, you start to get pretty upset. When we lay you down, and you want to be held, you will start to fuss. Even with cutting teeth, you are still such a happy baby!!

Katherine [Month 4]

1 Mar


Baby K, it almost hurts my heart to write that you are 4 months old. It’s not that I don’t want you to grow up, I just don’t want you to do it so fast! You are such a joy to us; Constant smiles, funny faces, and well timed goofiness make our hearts melt!

Measurements: this month at Dr-Aunt Sarah’s, you weighed 15.7lbs (90th percentile) and were 26″ long (95th percentile)

Diapers: still in size 2’s! I just told daddy this morning that it seems like you will be in these for a while.

Clothes: you have finally moved up to 3-6month clothes. Most are still pretty big on you (despite you being 4 months), so I imagine you’ll be in these well past your 6 month date.

Schedule: you have settled into a schedule that works so well for all of us. You’re up between 6:30-7am, and mommy brings you into our bed for your morning bottle, playtime, and snuggles with mommy and daddy. Daddy will leave for work, and we go into the living room for you to play while I’m doing dishes/picking up. Around 10am you go down for your morning nap until 11:30-noon. Mommy feeds you, then we either run any errands we have, or you sit in your bumbo while I read to you. You play a little bit more, then another bottle, and go down for your afternoon nap around 3pm. You usually get up around 5pm, eat and play. During the evening you’ll play, have another bottle, bath time, story time. If daddy is here you tend to treasure snuggles with him, and sit on his lap while he looks at the Internet or watches tv. Around 8:30-9pm, you start to get a little restless, so we fix you your last bottle, then lay you down, and you usually are out by 9:30pm.

Sleeping: you sleep like a champ! I am so thankful for a baby that sleeps so well! You are in your crib full time, even for naps now, and we swaddle you up in a SwaddleMe.

Meals: you are still on Similac Spit-Up, and you seem to handle it well. Usually you eat around 7oz, and your gas is a lot better.

Favorites: sitting up in your bumbo, your floor gym, your new Wubbanub, and bath times are some of your favorite things.

Dislikes: you are starting to dislike your carseat. I think that you dislike being confined, and of course, that’s what your carseat is designed to do. For the most part, you are such a happy baby!

Katherine [Month 3]

1 Feb


Oh precious girl! You are such a light! This month you have grown so much. You are constantly changing and growing, like its right before our eyes!

Measurements: this month you have noticeably lengthened! You didn’t have an official appointment, but our at home measurements were that you weigh 16lbs, and are 25″ long!

Diapers: You were starting to soak through size 1’s at night, so we bumped you up to 2’s, which seem to be doing the trick. They are still a little big, but hope you’ll be in these a while.

Clothes: I am trying to keep you in your 0-3 months as long as possible, but some of them are starting to get a little short. I know in the next few weeks I’ll have to transition you to 3-6 months.

Schedule: Your schedule is starting to become a little more dependable. You wake up around 8-8:30, daddy feeds you, and we all hang out in bed once mommy gets home from the gym. You play for a bit, and then take a morning nap. Since we got you a new sound machine, your naps have been so much better! You wake, eat, play, nap the rest of the day. Your last nap is around 5, then we play a lot!

Sleeping: you are completely in your crib, now!! Unless you fall asleep before we notice, you even nap in your crib. You are swaddled, and have either ocean or rain sounds for naps, lullabies or Mozart for bedtime. I am so proud of the way that you have transitioned to the crib! I thought it would be much more difficult.

Meals: this month mommy officially stopped pumping milk for you. It was taking up so much time and energy for no production. You are eating around 5oz of Similac for Spit-Up 4 times a day, and 2 4oz bottles in the evening.

Favorites: you still love your play gym, though you only want to play on it on your back. You have also really fallen in love with the rocker that Aunt Debbie got you. Before you only used it to sleep in, but now you love to sit for hours and “talk” to the butterflies and snails.

Dislikes: tummy time. You will tolerate it for around 3-4 minutes. When we take your bottle out, or when you have drank it all.