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Menus for the week

9 Mar

This past week I was terrible about cooking (being tired and grossed out at food), but eating out has not made me feel the greatest. We’re trying to do a modified Paleo, so that I am getting enough calcium, so you won’t see things like pasta or bread in our menu, but you will see cheese, beans, and maybe a few potatoes.


Monday: Parmesan crusted talapia, asparagus, roasted squash

Tuesday: baseball, so dinner at Olsen.

Wednesday: Life Group night at the park, so grabbing something before/after

Thursday: black bean soup

Friday-Sunday: baseball

Breakfasts: ranch sausage stars, sausage balls (I have to be careful because most breakfast foods turn my stomach)

Snacks: pecans with Gorgonzola, apple Brie wraps, glitter grapes

Noms for da week

17 Oct

Saturday breakfast: crock pot potatoes and eggs, fruit

Sunday: Pizza casserole, bread (for church dinner)

Monday: Breakfast: Vanilla pear oatmeal

Lunch: Sammiches

Dinner: Pork chops; cheesy ranch potatoes; asparagus

Tuesday: Breakfast: leftover oatmeal

Lunch: dinner leftovers

Dinner: sloppy joes; PW crash potatoes

Wednesday: Breakfast: cereal

Lunch: dinner leftovers/sammiches

Dinner: BBQ Potatoes (from the crock pot)

Thursday: Breakfast: cereal and pop tarts

Lunch: leftovers

Dinner: Spicy chicken tortilla roll-ups; mac and cheese

Friday: Breakfast: Bacon and eggs

Lunch: leftovers

Dinner: Black bean soup (words do not describe how excited I am to put this back in our dinner rotation! Its my favorite); french bread

Saturday: Breakfast: Ranch sausage stars; fruit

Sunday: church: vegetable soup, bread

Menu Plan for 10/3-10/9

1 Oct

Monday: baby shower: I’m taking a sandwich tray and prosciutto wrapped asparagus

Tuesday: Adoption Orientation: taking sandwiches, chips, dessert to eat during break.

Wednesday: working morning/afternoon at CCs, and Life Group picnic: tortilla roll-ups, veggies/dip, dessert.

Thursday: work all day: crock pot potato soup, french bread

Friday: work all day: leftovers

Saturday: Football! Snacks/munchies: hot corn dip, olive cheese bread, 7 layer dip, crab rangoon, meatball sliders

Sunday: church: pizza casserole, crescent rolls

Meal Plans

29 Aug

Oh, boy. What a rough weekend here at the Ross household. Both Jason and I had colds, and so we didn’t do anything this weekend except watch movies, and almost the entire first season of Burn Notice. So, I didn’t get a chance to menu plan or anything, so its menu Monday, shopping Tuesday.

Monday: Pizza casserole (was going to be for church, but since we didn’t go, we’re eating it now); french bread

Tuesday: (church business meeting) leftovers

Wednesday: (Life Group) Bacon ranch slow cooker chicken; pasta

Thursday: leftovers

Friday: Broccoli cheddar chicken braid; veggie

Saturday: leftovers/using freezer meals

Sunday: (church dinner) Hamburger mac n cheese; veggie


Breakfasts: pop tarts, bacon breakfast bites

Lunches: sandwiches, leftovers, veggie mixes


Menu Plan

19 Aug

We’re going to have a week off from paleo this week, so I’m going to make some things I’ve been wanting to try, up my workout, and watch my portion sizes really closely.

Monday: Crock pot pork on Hawaiian Rolls, corn on the cob

Tuesday: pork tacos, refried beans

Wednesday: Bacon ranch slow cooker chicken; garlic bread

Thursday: leftovers

Friday: Pizza

Saturday: Appetizer night: Zucchini sticks and sweet onion dip, french bread dip, mozzarella sticks

Sunday: Pizza casserole

Breakfast: cheesy bacon breakfast bites, broccoli egg cups

Meal Plans

11 Jul

Tuesday: Honey Lime Chiplote pork tenderloin  (pintrest); crispy asparagus spears; crescent rolls

Wednesday: leftovers!

Thursday: tacos; Spanish rice

Friday: leftovers!

Saturday: going to the Astros game: dinner at Minute Maid

Sunday: dinner at church: chili tot casserole

Monday: BBQ stuffed potatoes; salad

Tuesday: boiled shrimp; spinach salad

Wednesday: Black bean stuffed peppers (pintrest); refried beans

Thursday: orange chicken (pintrest); rice; veggie

Friday: leftovers

Saturday: salmon patties (for my sweet hubs), mac and cheese

Sunday: Jason leaves me 😦 :

Since Jason is on steroids for his asthma, I’m planning on having LOTS of snacks around the house, so that he doesn’t start gnawing on his leg. 😉 Also, breakfasts here are getting easier, mostly I eat a whole bran, high fiber cereal, and Jason eats a package of delicious pop tarts.

Meals for 6/7-6/22

7 Jun

Wednesday: meatloaf; mashed potatoes; corn

Thursday: LifeGivers at church…leftovers!

Friday: sloppy joes; potato wedges

Saturday: bbq ribs; au gratin potatoes; veggie; lemon bars

Sunday: leftovers!

Monday: three cheese stuffed shells with meat sauce; tossed salad; french bread

Tuesday: leftovers!

Wednesday: sour cream and turkey enchiladas; veggie

Thursday: leftovers!

Friday: Appetizer night! Spinach dip in phillo cups; caramelized onion dip; Pioneer Woman stuffed mushrooms

Saturday: BBQ meatballs; mashed potatoes; veggie

Sunday: leftovers! maybe a dessert if I’m feeling up to it!

Monday: chicken and corn quesadillas; rice

Tuesday: leftovers!

Wednesday: chicken corn chowder; french bread