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For the first time in a looooong time…

3 Oct

Sick weekends make it much easier to blog…

800. That even when I forget about things, put them off, and just plain don’t want to do them, our Lord loves me and still accepts me.

799. Pintrest

798. I have a new doctor (blog post coming soon…I swear!) who seems more on the ball and willing to help us.

797. We have our Adoption Orientation this Tuesday to get the process started!

796. We’ll Get ‘Em Next Year tailgate, and the many new friends we’ve gained from it.

795. Getting to see Phil and Beth every home game!

794. Getting to work afternoon (and sub some mornings) for Classical Conversations. I really love this program, and hope that maybe our kids can someday be involved.

793. Looking at new (t0 us) cars, and the main criteria being that we can fit at least 2 car seats in it.

792. We might be moving into a duplex come December. 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms…AND a big back yard!

791. I have 4 (yes, 4!) baby showers coming up in the next few weeks to celebrate so many sweet, new little lives!

790. This season in our lives that could have been hard and full of pain, has thus far been a sweet season of learning and preparation.

789. The Hunger Games series.

788. The Ags joining the SEC. Its going to be amazing for baseball.

787. Jason and I made our first “big” purchase as a married couple. A nice tv!

786. Football season is back on, and that means lots of days spent lounging with the hubs shouting at the tv.

785. Sailing. How I love sailing.

Gifts, so great

20 Jun

In Christ alone, who took on flesh
Fullness of God in helpless babe
This gift of love and righteousness
Scorned by the ones He came to save
‘Til on that cross as Jesus died
The wrath of God was satisfied
For every sin on Him was laid
Here in the death of Christ I live

In Christ Alone-Newsboys

814. Having dinner with a wonderful family from our church. We love them so much, and we love their kids beyond words!

813. Being prayed over and knowing that we are not alone in our struggles, and that there is always something to look forward to, and a reason that we should never ever give up hope.

812. Sitting at Spoons with Beth and Sarah, and talking about life.

811. Asking Snickers what I should include on my resume, and her sighing as a response. 🙂

810. Our first sign language class with The Bacak’s.

809. Realizing that Jason is going to kick my tail at sign language.

808. Getting everything ready to head up to Missouri to see my family!!!

807. Pulling Snickers up in the bed with us, and having family cuddle time.

806. Getting to watch lots and lots and lots of baseball. I ❤ College World Series.

805. My sweet Sarah, who is so good to take care of me when I do dumb things. Like sitting outside in the 100 degree heat when I have been on cipro for 2 months.

804. Having a movie night at Sarah’s, and getting my hair braided. 🙂

803. Explaining to a sweet 88 year old man why Nooks are so awesome, and him deciding to buy his wife one so that “her little arms don’t have to carry around heavy books”

802. Spending the day text chatting with my Kenny.

801. My wonderful husband made his ah-maz-ing brownies, which are delicious and addicting.

Crazy Monday

16 May

And the rain, came down,
And it blew the forewalls down
And the clouds they rolled away
And one set of Jones’, was standing that day

Two Sets of Jones’–Big Tent Revival

845. My sweet friend Sarah. Just seeing her walk in a room makes me smile.

844. My equally joy-bringing friend Beth. She makes my heart happy.

843. Spending Saturday driving around CS looking at houses. We even got a routine for jumping out and grabbing the info sheets.

842. Zumba for Wii.

841. We have a big “maybe” situation that we are dreaming about right now. Which is actually a lot of fun. Here’s to hoping!

840. My mom sending us a box of peanut butter, and a whole lot of packing peanuts. Peanut butter is in plastic jars…

839. My only nephew graduated high school yesterday.

838. Beastly. I seriously love any telling of Beauty and the Beast possible.

837. My sweet husband, who indulges my desire for an icee at 9.30 on a Sunday.

836. I can now say I’ve seen all of the Lord of the Rings movies (and yes, this is actually asked more often than you might think)(P.S…that wizard is a terrible wizard. Harry Potter would have cleaned that mess up real quick)

835. Getting to know some sweet ladies at church while setting up. Its amazing how much bonding can be done over manual labor.

834. Sitting with Jason and reliving all of our favorite memories from our Honeymoon. I am missing The Islands so much right now.

833. I’m almost caught up on housework! I might be able to get on to some projects soon!

832. Insurance. Thank goodness.

831. There is going to be some closure for the people from Air France Flight 447. I pray for their families so often.

Beginning of a long week…

9 May

So baby hold on, just another day or two
I can see the clouds are moving faster now
and the sun is breaking through
If you can hold on, to the one that’s holding you
there is nothing that can stop this crazy love
from breaking through.

Hold On-TobyMac

860. The amazing network of friends that we have.

859. My nook.

858. When Snickers rubs her face on the ground and leaves her butt in the air, and then forgets and just leaves her butt up.

857. I got my first ever dental work done.

856. My face doesn’t hurt anymore (!!!!!!!); thanks to an amazing dentist doing a root canal on a tooth that had decay and infection.

855. Finally hearing for sure about the job in DC, and being able to make a decision.

854. Spending the weekend in Montgomery, getting to be with family. Nothing is as refreshing as that!

853. Finding new recipes that have gotten me out of my cooking rut. Its hard cooking every night!

852. Our church.

851. This song.

850. Looking through the B&N Junior section with Jason, and us each grabbing a book and reading it. We are still kids at heart.

849. My iPhone. It saved me while the dentist was drilling in my head.

848. My hilarious husband, who many times responds to me by shaking his head, when there are many other responses I deserve.

847. I only had one emotional breakdown yesterday!!!!

846. My Basal Body Temperature is responding like it should to my medicine!!!

Monday bells are ringing

2 May

When I don’t measure up to much in this life
Oh, I’m a treasure in the arms of Christ

Forgiven-Sanctus Real

876. Spending Friday night laboring alongside some wonderful friends to help our church elders move. I love our church body!

875.  Spending some great time with Jason this weekend.

874. Seeing Miss Beth 3 days out of the weekend. I just cherish time with her like a precious gift. If you don’t know Beth, you really should.

873. That our Lord is fair and just, in all situations. A task that man will never be able to do.

872. This news article and this blog.

871. Being able to start working out again. I even got to do a Zumba class last week, and plan on doing another this week!!!

870. Having quiet moments to remember how much history has happened in my lifetime.

869. There are so many sweet, darling babies at our church. So many cheeks to snuggle and kiss!

868. Summertime is quickly approaching in CS. While I love college students dearly, being able to drive around town, and not having to wait in line at restaurants is a gift for a  few months!

867. Ting. Oh Ting, how I miss you.

866. Hearing the voices of some of the sweet little girls in our church singing “Hosanna in the Highest” with such joy in their hearts.

865. Movie nights at Sarah’s.

864. The summer dresses are out of the closet, and they’re NOT going back in!

863. Our anniversary month is here!!!!

862. Amazing heart to heart conversations with my amazing husband.

861. Watching the royal wedding. I asked Jason if we could have another wedding so that I could have a dress like Kate’s. She is so beautiful!!


I wish Monday gave me time for a nap

25 Apr

Even when the rain falls
Even when the flood starts rising
Even when the storm comes
I am washed by the water

Washed by the Water-needtobreathe

889. Snuggling the sweet babes in church preschool.

888. My husband explaining VeggieTales stories to me in the car on the way back from Montgomery.

887. Getting to see family this weekend. Sometimes getting away from College Station is so refreshing.

886. My gym was just bought by Aerofit, so now I have access to the group classes. Tuesday is Zumba and Thursday is Yoga!!

885. Food Network

884. Chocolate peanut butter eggs. Love.

883. Promised Land milk. Their hormone free milk is so amazing.

882. I made it through a grocery store without crying! Praise the Lord that He has finally rid me of the anxiety that has come with grocery shopping!

881. That Jason and I are so blessed to be able to run to the grocery store and buy food when we want. So many in our own country can not say the same, and I am so grateful.

880. The prospect of rain today.

879. Using CVS extra care rewards to get some new makeup!

878. Free books on my Nook!!

877. Our amazing Lord, who took the nails that I so deserve, and rose again as a victor over death.

Monday already?

18 Apr

Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen.

Ephesians 4:29

907. Our amazing church.

906. The amazing women in my life. Each and every one of them makes my heart swell to busting with love.

905. Peanut butter.

904. My medicine makes me not want to eat, and is helping me lose weight.

903. Chuy’s creamy jalapeno dip. Yum.

902. Random date day with Jason on Saturday.

901. I have gotten to see Beth like, 4 times this week. Have I mentioned that she is like milk for my soul? (Get it…does a body good…)

900. Finally getting to see Harry Potter 7.1. Thanks goodness!

899. Lemonade!

898. Driving around College Station looking at houses that are for sale.

897. Not having to go to wound care anymore. WHOOP!!!

896. Realizing that in my bag, I always have a book to read, my journal, my nook or my Bible, 6 pens, and my wallet.

895. Snickers now has 2 beds. One little dog now has 2 big beds.

894. My hilarious, woman disliking, sterotyping, reproductive endocrinologist.

893. I made my first from scratch cake, and it was a red velvet at that!!

892. Getting excited about losing weight and hopefully being able to fit into some of my cute clothes again!!! I have 3 boxes full of clothes I’m longing for!

891. Getting to celebrate Jason’s 24th birthday with some very dear friends.

890.  Again, exciting new things on the horizon.