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Next week to do list

21 Jul

Jason is going to Portland this week, so while he’s gone, I have some things to check off my list:

1. Have a total paleo diet.

2. Work out twice a day (gym in the morning/Zumba in the evening)

3. Read 4 books.

4. Get several craft projects done.

5. Plan a way to have a weeks worth of meals frozen (for nights like tonight when I don’t feel well).

6. NOT mope around the entire time.

Bring on the worst week of the year.

Update and Menu Planning

28 Nov

With so much going on these past few weeks, I feel like I just need life to pause. Now, where’d I put that dang remote?

I am now a “stay-at-home-mom” to this little sweet heart:

I’m going to take some time off to heal, so while I’m here I’m also going to work on managing our home. Which means figuring out ways to save us money, and to be a good helper to my amazing husband. One way to do both of those is to work on food!

Oh, and I start wound care again tomorrow. Boo. Some days I feel like I am healing really well, others, not so much. Today is one of those not so much days. I’m trying not to be too upset by the small opening I have in my surgery sight, but its hard.

Any-who: on to the food! I’m going to start doing 2 weeks at a time, since I’m not able to drive yet, and I feel terrible sending Jason to the store so often. I’ll also be able to spend more time making things homemade, rather than buying them, and there won’t be as many things that pop up in our schedule that make it hard to eat at home.

Monday: wound care in the morning; Trade as One party at The Bacak’s; grocery store…we’ll grab something quick.

Tuesday: BBQ Meatballs; Mashed Potatoes

Wednesday: Meatball subs; Spinach with Garlic Chips…have I mentioned my obsession with this?

Thursday: Stuffed shells and Meat Sauce; Garlic Bread

Friday: Leftovers!

Saturday: Shrimp Pasta in a Foil Package; green beans…I’m also roasting 2-3 chickens to cut up and freeze for recipes

Sunday: for Jason to take to church; Chili Tot Casserole; Chocolate Cobbler (I’m making one of these for us as well!)

Monday: Pork Chops; Au Gratin potatoes

Tuesday: Chicken Veggie Quesadillas; Cilantro Lime Rice

Wednesday: BBQ Ribs; Green Bean Casserole; crescent rolls

Thursday: Leftovers!

Friday: Mexican Pizzas

Staring down the barrel

20 Sep

has a whole new meaning for me. I feel like that’s what I’m doing with my doctors appointment tomorrow.

Tomorrow we get some answers. Do I for sure have to have a second surgery? What are the odds this fixes it? When are we going to do it? What will the healing be like? Will this finally be the end?

I am so sick of having a hole in my tailbone. I am so sick of having to have Jason change packing and gauze. I am so sick of worrying that packing is coming lose. I am so sick of hurting after sitting. I am so sick of feeling like my hair and back are never properly cleaned, since I have to be careful to keep the wound dry.

I’m done. I’m over it. This has been the most sanctifying experience of my life, but I am ready to be done with it and using what the Lord has taught me through this in so many other ways.

Tomorrow, we know.

Open wound healing…not a party.

26 Aug

There are some days that I’m allowed to be down, aren’t there?

Well, today is one of those days. I wasn’t able to sleep last night because my legs were cramping so bad. Today I had to go to the surgeon (who not so gently digs around in my open wound) to try and figure out when he wants to do the second surgery that I was never supposed to have, and yet I walked out with more frustrations than I had before.

Needless to say, open wound healing is not going well. Actually, its not going at all.

I have faith that the Lord will heal me. When He is ready. Who am I to know His perfect timing?


22 Mar

I’m trying to stay positive and happy right now, but I honestly feel like that is taking up more energy than it is worth.

Yes, I’m admitting that this week, month, I am down. Hopefully through this week and weekend I can get some things done, and that will lighten my load a lot. Another doctor’s appointment Wednesday afternoon for my second round with a dermatologist.

We’re at almost 2 months to go….holy schmoley!!!!