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Random Photo Posting

1 Apr

You can tell by all the blogging that I am trying to avoid unpacking. Oh, and the laundry. Here are some random photos to describe the past couple of weeks. Enjoy!

Snickers taking a long nap!


Our teacup shelf, and Jason's ring display

My Snick in a box!!

First thing she did was find the "sun spots"

Watching the neighbor kids balanced!



The Schedule (according to Snickers)

11 Feb


My cuddle bug


8:30am: Wake up, stretch, and lay back down in bed

9:00am: Get up, have dad take me potty

9.15-9:45am: Harass mom to play while she is drinking coffee, reading blogs, eating breakfast, and watching Criminal Minds

9:45am: Crash about the time mom is ready to play

9.45-12:00am: Morning nap on the couch

12:00-1:00pm: Try and trip mom while she’s making lunch/beg for some lunch

1:00-1:15pm: Stand at the door like I need to go potty, then run whenever mom gets my leash (repeat about 4 times)

1:15-1:30pm: Investigate what mom is doing. Try to get involved

1:30-5:30pm: Afternoon nap on mom and dad’s bed

5:30pm: Stretch and yawn luxuriously when dad gets home from work, act like I am about to bust I have to go so bad, and finally go potty

5.30-6:00pm: Beg for food from mom and dad during dinner

6:00-8:00pm: Play/Nap/Play/Nap/Play/Nap

8:00-8:05pm: DINNER!!!

8:05-10:00pm: After dinner nap

10:00pm: Potty…finally get to go to bed!

Photo 3…somethin’

20 Jan


After several really rough days, this just seemed fitting


So, I missed pictures last week. And this week. I mean, what can I say? I had a couple of really bad doctors appointments, which led me to a.) not feel very good from getting poked and prodded and b.) not really have much desire to get out of bed.


My favorite accessories, all in a row


I’m not all super about shoes, but here are my most favorite ones. Far left: patent leather black booties. Center: red patent leather peep toe pumps. Far right: purple alligator patent leather point toes. Yes, clearly, I love patent leather shoes. I think its from dance.


My new "object of lust"


Oh yes, I am wanting a new guitar. Maybe. Someday.


Welp, here’s to hoping that maybe I can start keeping up to date with my pictures. Even though I’ve already taken more this year than ever before!

Catching up on photos

10 Jan


Sweet Snickers, trying to rest from all the "work" she did Friday.



Our Saturday.

Just because she is so cute.



Photo 365

6 Jan

The beginnings of dinner

I started cooking at 11am today, and I think that is heavenly. I have made the pasta salad for dinner tonight, caramelized onions and mushrooms to add to eggs this week for breakfasts to save time, and just finished putting the ribs for tonight’s dinner in the oven.

I have gotten so much inspiration for different things to cook, and plan to start doing some bulk cooking as soon as we move (we’ll have a full size fridge!!! how exciting!!!)!

My night

5 Jan

Wednesday nights are Criminal Minds and Top Chef

Oh, and the socks that were in my stocking. They are warm and fuzzy, and smell like lavender.

One Year Anniversary

4 Jan

Appointment reminder card…I have a TON

Today is the one year anniversary of the first surgery to remove the pilonidal cyst. As of today I have had 2 surgeries on my tailbone, countless thousands of dollars spent, time out of life, and it is only now just about to heal (God willing).

Easy 2 week surgery my foot.